Don’t Let Job Defeat Define You

Some career changes are positive and exciting, but not everything is peaches and cream. Some career changes can be devastating, like being fired, laid off, or rejected in the job search. The key is how you handle the aftermath. Here are some tips to help you pick yourself up and dust yourself off after a… Read more »

When You Want the Job, but Lack Experience

What happens when you see a job you’d love but don’t think you have quite the experience the company is looking for? Should you even apply? While many people believe that you should say no, there is a school of thought that says you should just go for it. However, the process by which you… Read more »

Ready for a New Career? Here’s How to Make the Shift

Are you restless in your current job? Are you thinking about trying something new? After much consideration, it may be time to journey down a new career path. So how exactly do you do that? Making a big career shift isn’t always an easy process. You have to overcome a lot of objections from the… Read more »

Increase Communication between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

As a manager, you’ve chosen to work with a recruiting firm to help make the hiring process easier. But do you find yourself easily frustrated by the communication level? Most of the time, there needs to be a give and take so if you’re unhappy with the responsiveness of the agency, you may want to… Read more »

Limit Turnover by Hiring a Diverse Staff

Far too often, hiring managers fall into a trap by hiring people who remind them of themselves. This leads to a homogenized environment where everyone tends to think the same so there are few discussions and disagreements that can lead to true innovation. The statistics are startling that companies who do not focus on diversity… Read more »

Build A Brand Online

Today’s world of social media and online interaction has changed the job search process forever. Now, hiring managers are using all of the available information to vet, screen, and otherwise determine the quality of job candidates. In order to make the best impression, you need to spend time creating your own online brand that will… Read more »

How To Perform A Proper Employee Background Check

Vetting a candidate before making a job offer is an important step. Do you expect your candidates to pass a background check? If so, do you know the proper ways to perform a background check on potential employees? Making a mistake on this part of the process could be costly to your business in the… Read more »

Recruiters are a Part of Your Brand

Your local staffing provider can help you with your placement needs. However, it is important to know the best ways to work with a staffing company to deliver the best possible service for your company. If you change the way you think of your provider, as an extension of your human resources department, you begin… Read more »

What to Look for in a Candidate Social Profile

Social media profiles are becoming important to the hiring process for many companies. Since the practice of searching private profile pages is still legally gray area it is important to understand what you should and shouldn’t look for. Here are 5 things to think about when searching public profiles for your next hire. Be cautious… Read more »

Learn How to Define Your Strengths

Sometimes it is hard to recognize your own value in the workplace. Especially as a job seeker who may have been out of work for some time it is easy to become negative about your skills and abilities. Before you throw in the job search towel consider these simple questions you can ask yourself to… Read more »