If You Aren’t Excited About Your Cover Letter, Why Will the Hiring Manager Be?

Do you dread sending over the cover letter? You probably have the same basic template that you edit and send to every employer on your list. But, if you’re not excited about what you have to say, how can you expect a hiring manager to be interested? Instead, you need to demonstrate how you meet their… Read more »

Headphones at Work Might Be Tuning You Out

Is it common courtesy or insulting to those around you? What are your thoughts on wearing headphones while you’re in the office? Certainly you don’t want to subject your co-workers to music and podcasts while everyone is trying to work, but what is wearing headphones really doing to the culture of your office? Do you… Read more »

Should You Treat Each Employee Equally?

Favoritism is cited frequently as a reason some employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. They feel their boss gives unfair, preferential treatment to one or a handful of other employees. Employers, on the other hand, view this behavior very differently. They are looking at performance levels and are treating employees accordingly. But is this the… Read more »

Top 10 Words to Use on Your Resume

Your resume is the doorway to your next job opportunity. It is your responsibility to convey your experience in a way that is effective and interesting to the resume reviewer. Often this is done by including accomplishments rather than job duties. You also want to make sure the resume is well formatted and easy to… Read more »

Avoiding Employee Burnout in Summer Months

This winter was long and cold for people all over the country, even here in Texas. But now summer offers its own challenges when it comes to motivating employees at work. During these hot, lazy summer days your employees are thinking about anything but the work at hand. How do you keep your employees on… Read more »

4 Steps to Make Sure a Candidate Accepts Your Offer

The job market is competitive. The tables have turned on employers who once found themselves in control of the hiring process, with more available candidates than jobs. Today, certain skills are highly sought-after which means that companies have to be more diligent about making sure that their top choice candidates accept their opportunities. Here are… Read more »

4 Things to Look for in a Candidates LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has quickly become the number one website for recruiters and other hiring managers to look for candidates. Recent surveys have indicated that 93% of hiring managers and recruiters use the site as part of their hiring process. It is important to know what to look for before beginning a search on LinkedIn. Here are… Read more »

Hiring Nightmares to Avoid: Not Acting Quickly in a Candidate Driven Market

The job market has changed forever. During the recession, jobs were lost and many never returned to the business landscape. As new jobs were created and companies began to pick up hiring steam once again, the market turned from employer-driven to a new candidate-driven experience. Unlike the job boom in the 90s, this market looks… Read more »

Cover Letter Template for Job Seekers in Texas

There is a lot of information available to job seekers about writing resumes, but what about the other aspects of the jobs search? One of the most important but over looked tools is the cover letter. Many hiring managers use them to narrow down their choices before reviewing resumes or scheduling interviews. Others will look… Read more »

Land a Job Using LinkedIn Groups in Arlington TX

You’ve created your LinkedIn Profile and you’ve connected with former co-workers, managers, and recruiters. Now it is just a waiting game, right? Wrong. One of the keys to effectively using LinkedIn to find your next opportunity is to participate in the site. The next step: joining groups. Search the site to find groups that are… Read more »