When You Want the Job, but Lack Experience

What happens when you see a job you’d love but don’t think you have quite the experience the company is looking for? Should you even apply? While many people believe that you should say no, there is a school of thought that says you should just go for it. However, the process by which you go for it will be the most important part. If you lack experience and want a job, here are some ways you can leverage the experience you do have to land the position.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Maybe you don’t have as much specific experience as the others who are applying for the job, but you can make yourself stand out in other ways. To do this, include the accomplishments you have that make you someone the employer would want to contact to learn more. Don’t embellish, but put the most interesting experience first. 

Focus on Transferable Skills

There may be some skills the employer is looking for that you don’t have. Or do you? You may not realize that some of what you’ve done in the past could absolutely be transferable to a new environment. Take some time to consider your past experience and how it might apply to the current job and then use that as your jumping-off point.

Emphasize Areas of Success

Every job is a problem that needs to be solved. That means you need to figure out how to be the solution. What can you share about your previous success that can show the employer you can help them solve their most pressing problems? Don’t think of this as bragging. You need to demonstrate your strengths in a way that makes the employer take notice.

Have a Referral Ready

Of course, having the words of someone else back you up can never hurt. When you’re applying for a new position, take time to get your references in order. Talk to former bosses or coworkers who can speak to your success in certain areas, transferable skills, and what makes you a particularly great candidate.

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