Recruiters are a Part of Your Brand

Your local staffing provider can help you with your placement needs. However, it is important to know the best ways to work with a staffing company to deliver the best possible service for your company. If you change the way you think of your provider, as an extension of your human resources department, you begin to look at their services in a new way. Third party recruiters are as much a part of your brand as they are your vendor. Here are some tips for working well with recruiters to help hire the very best talent for your open positions.

  • First point of contact. Recruiters are the professionals who have the first communication with potential candidates. In order to provide the best possible information to the candidate and, in return, recommend them for the job it is important the recruiters have thorough information about the company as well as a good job description. Schedule a time to meet with your provider to give them a tour of your facility, talk with your current staff, and sit down with you about your current needs. This way they can accurately represent you.
  • Be clear about the role. There are many ways companies can partner with recruiters to help them hire. If your company has a human resources department the agency recruiter may simply augment the efforts of your HR manager. If your company does not then a recruiter can handle every aspect of the hiring process up to on boarding. It is important to manage your own expectations and communicate that effectively to the staffing service.
  • Respect their time. It is also valuable to remember that you are not your recruiter’s only client and it is important to respect their time. As long as they are responsive to your needs you can develop a mutual beneficial relationship. Establish deadlines with them to help the process move smoothly. Ask them if they can have resumes to you within three days and give them dates and times to schedule interviews. This will be helpful for managing your time and theirs.

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