Increase Communication between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Increase CommunicationAs a manager, you’ve chosen to work with a recruiting firm to help make the hiring process easier. But do you find yourself easily frustrated by the communication level? Most of the time, there needs to be a give and take so if you’re unhappy with the responsiveness of the agency, you may want to review how your communications are affecting the conversation. Let’s take a closer look.

Be clear about the job duties.

The job description is the cornerstone of a recruiter’s successful bid at finding a star candidate. And often they deal with situations where the hiring manager can’t articulate all of the things that this person will be doing on the job. Other times they may say something like, “I’ll know it when I see it,” which can make for an impossible search. The first step is to really discuss the job duties so the recruiter can work effectively for you.

Read and respond to resumes.

Once armed with a solid job description, the recruiters will begin sourcing candidates. They speak to multiple people, and once they have three to five resumes they feel confidence about, they’ll send them on to you. While recruiters know that managers are also handling their day-to-day functions, waiting to respond to the resumes mean these candidates have ample time to find another job.

Provide detailed feedback on the candidates.

Here the hiring managers fall back on the idea that they have an instinct about a potential employee. But a resume isn’t a person, and it is hard to tell an entire story from a single page document. Take the time to give the recruiter some hard feedback on each of the candidates, for good or bad. This will help them continue the search.

Establish an interviewing schedule.

If you’re happy with the resumes you’ve received, it is time to establish a realistic interviewing schedule. Again, the more time between interviews and the more time to make a decision, means that the candidates have an opportunity to accept other offers. Also, be careful not to stall the interviewing process by suggesting you want to see “what else is out there.”

Share your responses.

Most important for both parties is to share feedback with one another. Not only should hiring managers share their feedback of the candidates and the interviewing process, but the recruiter should share any feedback about the interview. It is in these open lines of communication that both sides learn to work together in a collaborative and positive way.

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