Should Your Company Consider Counter Offers?

It is a conversation that every manager dreads. Your star employee has approached you with their resignation. They have been offered another job and will be leaving in two weeks. Your mind races with the next steps. Do you find a replacement? Do you promote someone else? Or do you make the employee a counter… Read more »

Switching Careers? Here’s How to Build Your Network

They have always said it isn’t what you know but who you know. This has never been more true than when you’re switching careers. The most successful career changers know that building your network is one of the most essential aspects of the new process of finding a job outside of your experience. How can… Read more »

Build A Brand Online

Today’s world of social media and online interaction has changed the job search process forever. Now, hiring managers are using all of the available information to vet, screen, and otherwise determine the quality of job candidates. In order to make the best impression, you need to spend time creating your own online brand that will… Read more »

Create A Worthwhile Summer Internship

Interns can seem like a free or cheap source of labor but that shouldn’t be the only motivation for creating an internship program at your company. These young professionals are looking to you and your company to be a mentor for their developing career, and you have the opportunity to create an exceptional experience that… Read more »

How To Perform A Proper Employee Background Check

Vetting a candidate before making a job offer is an important step. Do you expect your candidates to pass a background check? If so, do you know the proper ways to perform a background check on potential employees? Making a mistake on this part of the process could be costly to your business in the… Read more »

The Follow Up That Landed You The Job

You made it through the initial phone screen. You printed out copies of your resume, filed them in your portfolio, and dressed up in your most professional suit. You found your way to the office in spite of questionable directions and you aced the interview. So what happens next? Following up with the hiring manager… Read more »