What’s talent without flexibility?

Business is seldom the same from day to day. The ability to adapt is essential to your company’s success. With CornerStone’s temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services, you’ll have immediate access to experienced professionals to fill in for absences, complete projects or lend some much-needed specialized expertise. We do all the testing and interviewing saving you valuable time and money. All we need is the start date, and we will have someone there.

Contact any one of our DFW or Tempe/Phoenix offices for tailored temporary placement services or temporary job opportunities. You’ll be glad you did – guaranteed.

 Summary of Services

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  • Temporary Staffing CornerStone Staffing gives you the flexibility to hire experienced professionals for short and long-term projects. Temporary employees are a great asset to help fill workforce gaps at a moment’s notice, so instead of panicking to find replacements when an employee goes on vacation or leave, simply call us and one of our temporary associates can step in immediately. All we need is the start date, and we will have someone there. Whether you need 1 or 30, you can count on CornerStone to provide prepared and skillful employees.
  • Temporary-to-Hire You know you need staff now, but may be uncertain about taking a chance on a permanent hire. CornerStone Staffing offers the same high-quality staffing solutions for temporary-to-hire associates as we do with our temporary and permanent positions. Using the 90-day temporary-to-hire option, clients are afforded a “trial hire” time period to see if a candidate is the right fit for a permanent role in their organization.

 Advantages of Staffing Services

Temporary and temp-to-hire staffing allows you to control your variable workforce needs seamlessly and cost effectively.

Our team will source, screen and test candidates specifically for you. Then we will handle the payroll, taxes, insurance and workers comp so that your experience is completely hassle-free. We even have a completely paperless process called CornerStone Netlink. You can login, review timecards, approve timecards and print your invoices or reports anytime you need them. All this comes with a 16-hour guarantee.

Activating Our Search Network

Once you’ve requested an employee, we get to work sourcing candidates just for you. Because of our reputation in DFW and in Phoenix plus our tenured recruiters, we already have an extensive database of highly-qualified individuals serving a wide range of industries. We have also established recruiting resources that provide us access to active and passive job seekers.

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Our Screening Process

Before a candidate is placed in any job assignment, he or she goes through a comprehensive 10-step screening process, including:

  • Resume screening – we look for a history of job stability and the types of previous work experience the candidate has
  • Face to Face interview
  • Behavioral interview (where applicable)
  • Two (2) professional reference checks
  • Criminal background screening
  • Social security verification through e-Verify
  • Drug screening (upon request)
  • Credit check (upon request)
  • Education verification (upon request)
  • Skills evaluations and company-specific orientation

Skills Testing and Evaluations

To ensure that we place the best person for the job, CornerStone Staffing uses SHL’s TalentCentral to assess each candidate’s skills. Evaluations include:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Basic Office Skills
  • Call Center Evaluations
  • Accounting applications including Peachtree and QuickBooks Pro

Taking Care of All the Details

We handle the rest of the hiring details – salary or hourly rate negotiations, verifying federal citizenship regulations through E-Verify, payroll and tax regulations, meeting insurance requirements, and policy and procedures training. We’ll follow up on every interview, and we’ll contact you on both the first day of arrival and on the second day for a quality control follow up, to ensure the candidate we provide is meeting your needs entirely.

About CornerStone Netlink

Our proprietary online system, CornerStone Netlink, tracks and manages all your contingent workers by department. It supplies the reports you need, such as hours by department, employees by department and spending by department. It also gives you valuable onboarding tools to successfully manage a contingent workforce and provides you the ability to access budget and performance metrics to help you achieve your business goals.

Features included in CornerStone Netlink

  • Paperless Timecards – receive email notifications to approve electronic timecards then login via computer and approve them.
  • Paperless Invoices – receive email notifications to review invoices with timecard details attached.
  • Online Ordering – place a new order or copy an existing order online. We even have a tiered order approval process available if needed. Quickly access as many recruiting resources as you choose and experience a very streamlined on boarding process.
  • Standard and Custom Reports – view and download up-to-the-minute standard and customized reports including Hours by Department, Company Spend, and a Current Assignment report.
  • Contract Worker Data – access to real time data which includes, employee start dates, department, pay rates, bill rates, and performance information.
  • Electronic Invoice Payment – No need to print a check and mail it to us. CornerStone Staffing accepts Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT’s) from your bank to ours for invoice payments.

16-Hour Guarantee

For temporary and temporary-to-hire placements, we guarantee our candidates for 16 hours. We’re so confident we’ll get it right the first time, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee: We will not bill you for up to 16 hours of a CornerStone employee’s time if you are unsatisfied with the placement.