This is the BEST recruiting class TO DATE!  We have been working together for the last 5+ years and I never experienced the talent, maturity, and professional polish as I saw from the candidates.

Derek K., April 2024

Ms. Jennifer has such a positive and a sweetheart I appreciate you all for setting me up for success

Betty J., April 2024

Everyone’s very friendly, and the recruiter who has been helping me out, Ashley, is extremely dedicated to finding her clients the best work available. And even after setting me up with a job that I thought would be out of my reach, she’s still there answering any of my questions and checking in on me… Read more »

Jeremy S., April 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Cody Worth. He was very kind and resourceful. Also, he was very quick in finding me an assignment. I highly recommend Cornerstone Staffing.

Salvatore U., April 2024

Very professional and courteous. The recruiter answered all my questions and always willing to help. I will recommend a 100%.

Maribel A., April 2024

Friendly, professional, and quick to show results.

MrPrieto79, March 2024

I had an amazing experience KLTY led me here. Leigh C. was very helpful. She is great.

Marisela S., March 2024

My experience with CornerStone has been great. I Worked with them in the past and it was great so this time around again was also great. Alexis is my point of contact this time around and I can say she’s an asset to this organizing. She is sweet and professional. I will suggest this agency… Read more »

Sheila L., March 2024

Alex is amazing! She goes above and beyond for you. Thank you for all you do….

Trenitta C., March 2024

My experience with CornerStone Staffing was great I appreciate the time and service.

Sam W., March 2024

WOW, WOW, WOW Thats all I can say. Very helpful from the first email.

Xavier PN, February 2024

I had the pleasure of working with Cody W. He was very kind, timely, and resourceful. Also, he was persistent in helping me to get placed quickly on an assignment. I highly recommend CornerStone Staffing for your employment needs.

Sharon T., February 2024

The best agency I’ve ever worked for. They really do care about their employees. Emily and Rebecca at the Irving, TX location both are amazing! I would refer anyone that’s looking for a great job to CornerStone!!!

Lyntrevia R., February 2024

Alex M. operations assistant manager was amazing made this hiring process so smooth I highly recommended thank you Alex God bless you

La Chinita, February 2024

Michelle C. is the best Recruiter an Employee could ever want. She goes the extra mile to make sure you’re in a good placement. If you are looking to temp or even temp to permanent, she is the go to.

India T (The I.T. Factor), February 2024

Worked with Cailey B Great staff member VERY HELPFUL

Ladyy Lesse, January 2024

Jonathan was amazing to work with! He kept me informed throughout the whole process! I will definitely refer contacts entering the job search community.

Tammy C., January 2024

They are helpful and respond quickly to any inquiry.

Carolyn M., January 2024

Lexi at CornerStone Staffing has been absolutely instrumental and supportive in assisting me as my direct point of contact, while providing a world class interaction each and every time we speak. She has been extremely supportive during the interviewing and hiring process. I’m happy to say that her hard work and collaboration did not go… Read more »

Joseph S., January 2024

This was my second time using a staffing agency and I’m pleased to say it was a far better experience than my first. Communication was always open and frequent and the hiring process with potential employers smooth and efficient. Michelle Z. is wonderful and I’m quite happy with how everything has turned out.

Jillian M., January 2024

Leigh has been AMAZING!! She and CornerStone have been the BEST agency I have worked with in the last 2 years. They are professional, kind and contracted me with some great companies. So happy I found them and Leigh.

Rachael F., December 2023

My experience was great it started out a little slow but that’s because they are a busy agency so have patience and phone and email them for updates. Casey is my agent and he’s great! He found the job that is perfect for me!! Thank you CornerStone.

Newness22, December 2023

CornerStone Staffing is such a wonderful employer. Not only are the assignments amazing but the pay rate is very competitive. The CornerStone staff is very courteous and professional, I had the pleasure of having Christina who is the Operations Manager at the Dallas location place me on my assignment. She made the entire onboarding process… Read more »

Angela S, December 2023

You are the best and save me so many steps of fixing errors after the fact. Lindsey, you’re my SUPERSTAR of vendors!

IT Business Analyst & Planning Coordinator, November 2023

We are pleased to say, “Thank You”. Within the past months we really appreciate the partnership and recruiting efforts from the CornerStone Team. They have really stepped it up and has been instrumental with the hiring/on-boarding process along with recruiting stellar candidates. I would have to say if I was rating on a scale of… Read more »

Manager Operation, November 2023

I wanted you to know Norma has been an absolute joy to work with!  She is personable, professional, and hard working!  She has provided me with highly qualified candidates and fully understands my sense of urgency getting candidates hired.  In addition, she keeps me up to date on any issues arising once the candidate accepts an… Read more »

Supervisor of Patient Support, October 2023

Recruiter Leigh is a very professional and humble person. In less than two days she had already match me with a job according to my knowledge and needs.

LA A (Mito), September 2023

The best staffing agency! Michelle Z. is awesome and has placed me in two wonderful jobs within the past few years. I am still at my second job and loving it. CornerStone is a caring and professional company and I highly recommend them if you are looking for either a temp or permanent position!

Claudia O., September 2023

The best of the best! Michelle is a top notch Recruiter! She gets to know you quickly and works hard to find you the right fit. She really knows how to make an impactful difference, and she cares!

ITDecorandeMore, September 2023

This company is the best. Leigh is my all-time favorite employee. She is the most helpful every time I call. She is the fastest to answer her emails and all of my questions. 100% recommend asking for her if you get the chance. She has helped with all of my staffing needs and I enjoy… Read more »

Avery F., September 2023

I can’t thank Casey and the CornerStone team enough for the phenomenal remote position they helped me secure. Casey’s unwavering support and guidance throughout the entire process were nothing short of exceptional. What truly blew me away was Casey’s dedication. He went above and beyond, even reaching out to me on a Sunday, to ensure… Read more »

Karen D., September 2023

Great Company Very Good Jobs the Staff is Very Knowledgeable of the Jobs or clients their working with. I’ve been working with Mr. Casey and I got the job with no problem. He was very informative and told me the details of the job. There is a process, drug test and background, but that process… Read more »

Abree M., August 2023

CornerStone is amazing.  They go with you step by step to find a job or a dream job that you were looking for and they really care about you to be successful. I will always be grateful for them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Mrs. Jenna for the Grand Prairie office is amazing, always go above an beyond. Just keep… Read more »

Syntiche N., August 2023

Staff has always been very timely with responses, professionalism is top tier and resourceful . Michelle Z has been a big help along the way!

Joshua P., August 2023

This company actually helped me find the PERFECT job and I am forever grateful for the team. Leigh, Emily and Rebecca are all awesome. They found the right position for me with the right pay in the perfect location. Choose CornerStone every time, they will get you right. I have referred many people to them… Read more »

Michael H., August 2023

CornerStone Staffing is an effective route towards finding employment. Christina found me a job I like right away. Everyone is so respectful and helpful.

Jennifer N., July 2023

Got a job very quickly!

Jasmine L., July 2023

Leigh, Maya, and Ana were great help at getting me started on my job. They are very quick with responding and helpful. I had an accident that prevented me from starting my job but they worked with me and were able to still keep me with the same job and moved back my start date.… Read more »

JoKesha H., July 2023

Jacob was AMAZING! His assistance gave me an opportunity to be a successful candidate for a position, and land the job in less than 48 hours. His knowledge of how to get his clients what they deserve and a rewarding career opportunity is outstanding. He was polite and efficient! Thank you Jacob and CornerStone!

Tal M., July 2023

I worked with Cailey B; it only took 2 weeks for her to find a position for me. Very professional, friendly and efficient. She matched me with quality job options that actually fit my resume. I start my new job in a few weeks!

Joy B., June 2023

I am forever grateful for the staff at CornerStone for assisting me in getting a great job. I always refer people to your services. Big S/O to Jacob for being consistent and not stopping until I found a fitting job. His effort and professionalism was and is always will be appreciated

Morris A., June 2023

Working with Leigh was amazing. Her response time was AWESOME!!! She’s very friendly, you can hear the smile through the phone!!! She was able to recognize my needs and place me where needed. Leigh’s the one!!!

Shenise L., June 2023

This staffing agency did give me a great Job opportunity thank you Shelby …especially the location close to my home they were very helpful and answered all emails and text, calls from day one till after even if you became permanent definitely recommended!!

Jessica M., May 2023

CornerStone Staffing are honestly the best temp office I’ve been to and get you into a position that you qualify for ASAP. They’re very nice up there no attitude overall they help you out.

Rachell R., May 2023

Norma was awesome throughout the entire hiring process.

Janice J., May 2023

Leigh has been so amazing to deal with. Her communication is impeccable and she has an amazing attitude. I would definitely refer CornerStone Staffing to others!

Lynette J., May 2023

Most people are familiar with CornerStone as the place to go for temp work, but when I emailed Michelle and heard back from her in less than 30 minutes, I was impressed. Now I tell everyone looking for work or people to hire they should try CornerStone.

Brian B., May 2023

My experience with CornerStone Staffing has been wonderful! Jacob is my recruiter and he’s very straight forward and a hard worker. I have my first assignment with CornerStone starting soon and I am excited that I was able to find what seems like the perfect opportunity for me! Very thankful to have found them when… Read more »

Jayden G., May 2023

Shelby is the most sweetest person to meet. She is very patient and reliable too. Trust and knowing she will get the job done.

Shaniqua R., April 2023

CornerStone Staffing has professional, courteous and kind staff. Always looking to make sure they take care of the folk they hire. It’s been a great experience.

Vincent B., April 2023

CornerStone, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Michelle. She was able to find me a job in less than two weeks. Representative provided me with exceptional service, friendly, approachable, dedicated, attentive and professional. If you are looking for a job I would recommend this agency.

Danelis H., April 2023

My entire experience with CornerStone Staffing has been great. Cailey is an amazing recruiter and kept me informed every step of the way!

Demetrica E., March 2023

Emily has been fantastic helping with my job search! Thank you CornerStone!

Tassy R., March 2023

Moved from Arizona to Texas, I wanted to find employment with a good company. It has been great working with CornerStone. Lindsey has been an absolute pleasure, very knowledgeable, and full of great advice. I would highly recommend Lindsey, as well as CornerStone, to all my family and friends.

LaDonna H., March 2023

Katlyn was awesome! The experience was smooth and easy. She updated me every step of the way and she made me feel like I was her number one priority. So thank you again!

Frederick C., March 2023

Shelby at CornerStone in Dallas is the best, always really helpful!

Lady Gomez, March 2023

Thanks to Lindsey at CornerStone I am working full time!!! I couldn’t be happier it matches my skill set perfectly. Lindsey you are the best!

Cynthia V., February 2023

This is a very helpful company, that goes out of their way to help someone find their career!

Matthew W., February 2023

Katelyn was a wonderful help. She helped me go through the hiring process quick and smoothly and answered any questions I had. I’ve recommended CornerStone before and will continue.

Ilze V., February 2023

Clear and prompt communication!

Maleni G., February 2023

My experience working with Leigh was amazing 🤸‍! The process was so quick I interviewed 3x and was offered the position. This took about 4 days! I recommend CornerStone Staffing and ask for Leigh! She’s very professional, efficient and she knows what she’s doing!!

Maricia H., February 2023

Highly recommend for your job search needs. My recruiter Casey is awesome and such a pleasure to communicate with. He found me a job within a week of first contact!!

Michele C., January 2023

I personally worked with Emily out of the CornerStone Staffing office in Irving, Texas who is by far one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. As a candidate with a recruiting background myself, I was quite impressed with her attention to detail and follow ups/updates. You have no idea how many recruiters… Read more »

Michael H., January 2023

Kimberli was so nice and great. Love her personality and quick response. A great person to work with.

Darlene C., January 2023

This company is amazing. Iris helped my transition moving from California to Texas an easy one. I was able to get interviewed and assigned a job in no time. If you’re looking to move to Dallas and need a temp agency to work with, CornerStone Staffing is by far the best one! Thank you Iris!… Read more »

Lemusu T, January 2023

I would like to thank the staff at the downtown location, especially Amber. The experience here has been nothing but professional, efficient and totally responsive. You would love it here! Amber finds the best openings to met your work experience, possible career path. Safety was important and she made sure of that. So, I thank… Read more »

Beatrice H., October 2021

Angel R. is amazing very patient and professional and passionate about her work.

Ericka W., October 2021

Thank you Marcus, you are the best and that’s why I’ve only used CornerStone at my previous jobs and here; 7 years of providing great service.

Kathy B., Human Resources Director, October 2021

Iris was totally awesome in helping us achieve our goals.

In Fin, September 2021

Kara was quickly able to line me up on a remote temporary assignment. She has been great with following up and making me feel like I’m her only candidate when I know she is super busy. She loves what she does and it shows!!! Thank you for all you do Kara!!!

Shanna L., September 2021

Belinda was awesome at helping me get a position!! Staff are very professional and will reply to you right away!!  Highly recommend this place!!

Thebestskyever23, September 2021

CornerStone [is] a great temp [agency]. Very helpful & goes above and beyond to find the right job for you. They work with your schedule & I will say Jamie was very helpful and still is helpful today. Thank you. I’m loving my new job placement.

Shakeda R., September 2021

My recruiter Ian was amazing! He was quick to set me up with a job, responsive, and it was a good opportunity. Thank you.

Stacy O., September 2021

Lindsey was prompt, efficient, and very friendly in helping me find a job quickly. She was open and honest from the get go and very quick with all responses. I highly recommend her and CornerStone Staffing!

Rylee W., September 2021

This is one of the best agency I’ve dealt with. Angel was very helpful and professional since day one. 5 star service.

Antonio T.,September 2021

I’ve worked with them in two separate occasions, and both times they were expedient and precise with the job placements. This second time was a bullseye though! Adam was very adamant that I interview for this specific job, although I had my eyes set on something different. Boy, am I glad that I followed his… Read more »

Shay K., September 2021

I love this location in specific. I’d ask for Michelle. She’s great.

Rachel G., August 2021

My recruiter (Miss Leigh) was great! Between our conversations and my resume, I was placed with a great company! If my assignment changes, I will definitely use CornerStone again.

Fiona B., August 2021

CornerStone Staffing is a good staffing agency that helps you and provides you with the best job and also very professional. Thanks to Norma, she’s been really wonderful and helpful.

Juana M., August 2021

There are a GREAT agency! I applied on Indeed and got a call from them that same day and helped me get a job right away! Which I’m very grateful! Ian was very helpful and kind to help me get everything situated. Very grateful and I definitely recommend this place!!

Lucy C., August 2021

I have used this service three times now and it has been exceptional every time. They have great job opportunities and the staff is always incredibly helpful in finding a good fit for you.  Amber was the representative I worked with most recently. She was very diligent and responsive. She made the whole process incredibly… Read more »

Fox B., August 2021

From applying to getting hired Cody was amazing. He always got back with me very quickly. He kept me updated on the progress of my application.

Ashton, August 2021

TQ is very sweet and professional. She helped me out so quickly and I got an amazing opportunity thanks to her! Would recommend to everyone and anyone! Thank you so much TQ! You’re the best!

Clara F., August 2021

“I have really enjoyed working with you and Miranda. I have worked with many agencies over the years and I have never had even one good experience. Consequently I’ve tried a new one each time. I will enjoy coming back to CornerStone in the future with all our hiring needs.”

Melinda S., CFO, August 2021

“My job search came to an abrupt end with the help of Markeisha. I was gainfully employed within a week!”

Joya F., July 2021

“I really enjoy doing business with CornerStone Staffing because of the individuals who work inside the office like Alex. She has been very helpful in helping me with my job searches even though I had a bad experience on my first assignment as an employee at CornerStone. She went the extra mile just to make… Read more »

OG ~ July 2021

I had a great experience working with Markeisha. Informative, timely, and dedicated to ensuring proper placement at a great company. I highly recommend working with Markeisha.

Casey B., July 2021

I’ve really enjoyed working with you guys. I contacted four staffing companies when I started my search for help and it was truly remarkable how little the other three companies did to try and secure our business. I can only imagine how little they would have done had we actually hired through one of them.… Read more »

Melinda S., CFO, June 2021

I love CornerStone Staffing. Ms.Iris Is So Calm & Patient & Very Understanding.

Urisha G., April 2021

I worked with KeSha at CornerStone & had a wonderful experience. Everything went so quick & was so upbeat. This is an amazing company & I was thankful to have worked with such a effectient friendly person. 🙂

Kristen V., April 2021

So far Awesome Sauce and my Recruiter was Phenom!

Jai J., April 2021

Great place to start a career!!! If you’re new to customer service/call center, their team is amazing in coaching…..very thorough and precise!!!

Jacinta S., April 2021

They are great people, they work with you and make sure you are well taken care of!

Moises Q., April 2021

I worked with Michelle Z. from the Fort Worth CornerStone Office. She was incredibly helpful and seemed to care about helping me get a job. She found me an excellent position that I am truly enjoying. I am so happy she was with me every step of the way. If you need a good job… Read more »

Dallas G., April 2021

I was looking for a workplace that I could call home and retire from in the next 40 or so years. Michelle found that for me. Very professional and she worked hard to find me the right place.

Sharon T., April 2021

I will always be so thankful to CornerStone Staffing specially with Alex M. Since the day I applied she has been very responsive and has guided me through the process of hiring.

Lorena R., April 2021

I would like to thank Christina S. for all her help. She was so professional and got me working within 5 days.

Christy S., April 2021

I had a great experience with the staff on my assignment. Christina was especially helpful. She had a hand in getting me the right assignment and seeing me through the process. I would recommend CornerStone Staffing for anyone looking for employment.

Lillian V., February 2021

Very professional and very friendly. Makes you feel comfortable and valued. Shayne helped me a lot. I appreciate her.

Mwangola C., March 2021

Thanks for the great response time and follow up. Rare these days and very much appreciated.

Gustaf R., March 2021

“I have no idea why I even tried to post a job on my own when we have Cornerstone Staffing. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses.”

Elizabeth S., Manufacturing Client, February 2021

Amazing experience with Michelle during the entire process. She made sure I found something that works for me and will help me get further than any job I’ve had before.

Sommer D., December 2020

I was hired on fast and enjoyed working for CornerStone all the way up to becoming full time at my job. I will definitely recommend CornerStone in the future! Samantha was the best!

Khadijah J., January 2021

I Highly recommend them especially if you get Samantha helping you. She is kind and if your serious about working then she is serious about finding you work. I had no call center experience but she found me work, especially through this covid pandemic we are experiencing. Also a plus I got hired on full… Read more »

Shedism I., December 2020

I found myself unemployed for longer than expected and just when I was ready to give up, I contacted CornerStone. Markeisha went over & beyond with leads for me. She is amazing!!!!

Nicole K., November 2020

CornerStone Staffing is one of the best Recruiters in Texas. I worked with another recruiting firm, and I have never had such an amazing experience as I have had with CornerStone. I am currently working at a Company for the past 3 months going strong, and I’ve never been so happy. My recruiter Clayton and… Read more »

Nishita D., January 2021

Lindsey is the best recruiter… great at talent evaluation! She takes credit where credit is given and can see the potential above it!

Cobra H., January 2021

Leigh C. has been my mainstay at CornerStone for over four years now. Always positive, always helpful, always professional. Colby is terrific and another great support for us. CornerStone is a great company and I have already recommended them to both friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you, CornerStone.

Gail P., December 2020

I honestly wasn’t thrilled about using a temp agency to find work, but I was new to the area & was recommended to cornerstone. Michelle was my agent & she was amazing! She always was professional & polite!!! She answered my emails promptly!!! She can truly be a great help!!!

Eden N., December 2020

They are a very professional organization they stay connected with you until you get the job. Also they encourage you during the process along with giving you the tools needed to accomplish your goals. Thanks Christina!

Wynetta D., December 2020

I’ve worked with CornerStone before and have always had a great experience. My recruiter, Angel, is awesome! She was able to help me find work asap, communicated well, and stayed on top of what she promised.

Marissah S., November 2020

CornerStone was my first time as a temp worker. Right off the bat Ashley set me up with a great employer, and after a little more than 18 months a position opened up and I was able to get hired on. This is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and I owe it… Read more »

Brad R., January 2021

Amazing experience! I reached out to Ashley to apply for a position, and was able to start in 2 days. Ashley was incredibly courteous, professional, and very quick! I would definitely refer applicants to her, she’ll set you up for a great position in a timely manner.

Armin H., December 2020

I want say that it has been a pleasure working with CornerStone Staffing. To Teaquea, you have truly made every moment easier by being you and all the encouragement that you’ve bestowed upon me. You are truly one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with….Thank you

Carolyn P, November 2020

I lucked out and got Belinda in the Irving office. She found me a great job with an excellent fit. I give her all the credit because I had decided I wasn’t going to look for a while. She got me a job!

Kimberly C., October 2020

Very helpful and professional. Made the hiring process very smooth.

Dwight, October 2020

Alicia is an excellent professional talent recruiter. I was without work for months, but thankfully I was able to get in touch with her and she went above and beyond to find me a position. She will go above and beyond to ensure that you get a job a.s.a.p. I would highly recommend CornerStone to… Read more »

Ragazzo C., October 2020

I must admit Samantha is absolutely THE BEST at what she does! She’s very quick on her feet in finding you the perfect job that best fits you! I had zero call center experience and she assured me that I will still land a job that will give me a chance and guess what??….I landed… Read more »

Latrale, October 2020

KeSha was very helpful, friendly and nice! She was professional and was very precise and consistent with answering all of my questions and giving me great detail and directions. Very communicative!

Char T., October 2020

Michelle Z. is outstanding. She is very personable, communicative, diligent and thorough. She didn’t force any position on me but would let me know if she felt one was right for me. If I have to use CornerStone Staffing again I will be contacting her directly.

Chad N., October 2020

Kara did a great job in communicating with me throughout this process and was very knowledgeable and professional.

Natasha S., October 2020

Grateful for this opportunity to Work from Home while my children were Remote Learners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank You CornerStone!!!

LaToya O., October 2020

My staffing recruiter was Adam. Most pleasurable experience I’ve ever had applying through a temp service. He was very thorough and patient with me throughout the entire hiring process. He provided the upmost customer service. Thank you Adam. He receives an awesome 20 star rating from me.

Toshiba A., September 2020

I would like to thank Leigh C at ConerStone in Forth Worth. She was awesome finding me a new job. Leigh was always returning my calls, always nice very Professional. I appreciate all her help. Thank you so much, you’re the BEST!!!

Leshaun D., September 2020

If you’re SERIOUS about getting RIGHT to work, they will FAST-TRACK your application! I worked with Angel R., and she’s the best! I LOVE how responsible and responsive she is! THANK YOU guys SO MUCH!!! I would recommend them!!!!

Chelse B., September 2020

CornerStone Staffing was able to leverage my experience, wants and needs into a permanent position. Leigh was invaluable from start to finish. She found me a position that leveraged what I had to offer and provided coaching and encouragement throughout the screening process, interview tips, and tailoring my resume to ensure my strengths were highlighted.… Read more »

Mike K., August 2020

CornerStone Staffing is a great company, Tara helped me find a job within a very short time, I was very happy with the overall experience, she went over and beyond and made sure that I got the job that I was looking for even during this hard times of Covid 19. I would recommend this… Read more »

Jane W., August 2020

I had an excellent experience with CornerStone. Lindsey helped me find a position that suited me well in a very short amount of time and always followed me closely whenever I needed something. I was recently hired as a full time employee for the job I got through CornerStone.

Flavia C., August 2020

Meghan helped me so much on my job hunt! I was looking for what seemed like forever and as soon as I turned to CornerStone for help, I got a job! And a GOOD job!! Such a relief!

Michelle F., August 2020

My experience with CornerStone Staffing so far has been Incredible! My Employment placement Advocate, Ms. Cathryn G is extremely professional, responsive, empathetic, and passionate about what she does. I can not recommend her enough for her warm disposition and overall helpful nature. A valuable asset to any company. If you are needing help sourcing employment… Read more »

Reynaldo S., July 2020

I had a wonderful experience with Meghan, a very sweet and nice person, she assisted me in all my needs in a very professional way, and answered me all of my questions very kindly, but the best of all, is that she found me a good job in less than a week, awesome during this… Read more »

Maria, July 2020

This is my very first time applying with this company and I must say the hiring process was amazing. TQ assisted me and she was beyond nice and professional. She made the process super easy and had me hired within days!! I loved her service so much I even referred a relative! Thank you so… Read more »

Nene D., July 2020

Thank you so much Kara for helping me find a job once again! I really love my job and I’m very grateful that you were able to help me! Stay blessed!

Daniella B., July 2020

Clay at the Fort Worth branch helped place me in a great position with a great company. It landed me a permanent position with this company. The staff overall is very responsive and communicated frequently with good advice. It was great working with CornerStone.

Rosalio S., July 2020

CornerStone is a really good place, Marcus over at the Lewisville location got me in a position I actually felt qualified for with a company I feel really cares and is good for me in the long run. Would definitely recommend to friends and family in a tight spot.

Matthew S., July 2020

Very efficient and quick with job searches and placements. Especially considering the situation the whole world is in right now.  You should check them out if you’re looking for employment.

Wendell H., July 2020

I wanted to mention that my recruiter, Lindsey, is and has been very diligent in placing me on long term and temp to hire opportunities. I’m very pleased with her.

Japrese V., June 2020

I had the pleasure to work with Alicia. She’s the best. I spoke with her once and she had a job in mind for me. Alicia setup the interview and I had the job the same day. Thanks Alicia you’re the best!

Marsha D., June 2020

I have worked with other staffing agencies that were professional, completed the testing and everything and never heard back from them at all. I decided to reach out to CornerStone and the recruiter I had (Markeisha) was absolutely amazing. Her energy was very uplifting and her assistance was greatly appreciated. Within 1 week she submitted… Read more »

Shane, June 2020

CornerStone has been a tremendous help in finding employment. Michelle Z. has gone above and beyond in helping me and so many others. Great experience and highly recommended!

Tanesha R., June 2020

Thank you so much Ms Tara being above and beyond to get me a job. Ms Tara is a real professional at CornerStone Staffing and [will] get you the right job you [are] looking [for]. CornerStone Staffing is the best.

S. Shazad, June 2020

I think that this CornerStone Staffing is excellent to work with. Samantha and Leigh are so friendly and professional. I had an excellent experience with them. If you are looking to work with a recruiter this will be an excellent office to submit your resume to. I definitely recommend CornerStone.

Michelle L, May 2020

A friend referred me and within a week Leigh had me placed. After about six months I thought the assignment was ending so let her know, and she had me a short-term assignment while she worked on another long-term that she already had in mind for me. She told me she’d have me at the… Read more »

Lyle, May 2020

I highly recommend CornerStone if you are searching for employment. I’ve been working with Tara and she is the best! She is extremely kind and gets straight to business. In less than a week she was able to find placement for me and I am extremely impressed with her abilities!

Brianna, May 2020

I went into the Las Colinas branch desperately looking for work and Leigh was a big help in getting me a temp job that later turned into a full-time position with a great company. They will help you any way they can and I highly recommend!

Jon, April 2020

I have been with CornerStone for several years. Tara in the Richardson office is always committed to finding a job that is a good fit for me. She recently found me just the short term position I’ve been looking for and also understood when a previous position was not a good fit for me. I… Read more »

Cathy C., March 2020

Wonderful experience and very helpful staff. Meghan H. was efficient and informative. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a position.

Lynn M., March 2020

The best staffing agency! Highly recommend going through Michelle Z.  She was very professional and helpful!

Alexia O., March 2020

I have been working with Angel at CornerStone Staffing for the past few weeks and she’s been doing amazing following up with me about new job openings. She’s patient, reliable and consistent. I was pleased with how easy the process with this agency was. Thank you for your great service.

Nadiel A., March 2020

Thank you for the courteous and professional environments.

Sharon B., March 2020

CornerStone never disappoints. This was my first experience using the Richardson office and it went perfectly. From beginning to my job offer (btw less than 2 weeks) was awesome. Tara was great. I’ve worked with other agencies in the past who did not adhere to my desired positions nor pay, which was a nightmare. Tara… Read more »

Denita J., February 2020

I loved that CornerStone Staffing found me a work assignment really fast. I really want to Thank Norma for all her hard work with helping me land a great opportunity. Thank you Norma!!

Tequela, February 2020

I wish I could give them 10 stars. The receptionist was super nice, and the recruiter, Chandi, is just as amazing. I literally went in Wednesday and now it’s Friday, and I already have a gotten a job thanks to them and I start Monday. Can you imagine??? I’m so grateful for this company. Their… Read more »

Nyira K., February 2020

I’ve had nothing short of a great experience. I was assigned to a company that wasn’t meeting my standards as a workplace environment, told my recruiter and had another assignment within 48hrs. Fast forward one month later now I’m a permanent full time employee making a great wage at a great organization!! THANK YOU LEIGH… Read more »

Jasmin H., February 2020

One of the most professional staffing agencies I have been to. They are very efficient, within a week I was able to be placed on a job.

Stephanie V., February 2020

Wow absolutely amazing experience!!! The team at CornerStone were wonderful and helped me thru the entire process. Both Iris and Chandi were friendly, helpful, and made the process easy and painless. I definitely recommend working with them.

Ciara M., February 2020

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonathan on Western Blvd. Very nice gentleman. I was offered 2 opportunities and feel I’ll be working soon. Thank you for everything Jonathan.

Teri S., January 2020

Awesome agency, everything is official and planned. Obviously, they know what they’re doing.

Tashli H., January 2020

I had a really great experience today at CornerStone Staffing. The process was quick and everyone was very helpful. I had the pleasure of working with Meghan H. She was very nice and seemed very excited to help me find a job. I would recommend CornerStone to anyone looking for a career or just needs… Read more »

SausePan, January 2020

They are super nice and helpful!

Diana G., January 2020

Amazing staff. And a wonderful environment. Very friendly and extremely helpful. They will put you on a job you will love. I’d recommend this staffing company to anyone. Specifically Christina S. She is extremely helpful and found me a great job in a weeks time. She’s knowledgeable and doesn’t give you the run around. 5… Read more »

Zykia J., January 2020

Went in and met with a recruiter and walked out with a job, unlike other agencies that promise you a position and never come through. Great experience.

Vincent W., January 2020

GREAT COMPANY WITH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I’ve spoken to someone out of the Lewisville, Irving and Richardson locations and I’m very impressed with CornerStone as a whole. I just left the Richardson office and this is most definitely a company I’d LOVE to work for. I’ve been to a lot of temp companies in the… Read more »

Tawana T., December 2019

Everyone is very helpful and professional, after having horrible experience with a different staffing agency in the area, I am glad there is agencies who still treat temps with respect.

Steph C., December 2019

CornerStone Staffing has been a wonderful help to finding me a job that is best suited for me. They are very professional, kind, and have a great attitude. I’m currently with them and received a job offer and interview within a couple days. I’m soon to be starting a new job thanks to Norma A.… Read more »

Jennifer G., December 2019

CornerStone Staffing was very professional and organized!

LaQuanda J., December 2019

Since taking the advice from a friend to work with a staffing company I can truly say CornerStone has been very helpful and efficient from the time I walked into the door. Clayton got me started on the paperwork and assessments and immediately began to connect me with good prospects that fit my profile. Clayton… Read more »

Tabatha D., December 2019

Very simple process. Apply for job on their job board and contact your recruiter. I did exactly this, and was hired with an awesome company within a couple weeks.

ThePopularNobodyRodWayne, December 2019

All the staff are very professional and helpful in obtaining a job.

Connie O., December 2019

This is the best staffing place I have ever been to Ms. Beth and the whole crew helped me find a path to success. I’m not time I would recommend this place to anyone keep up the good work ladies.

Denisha S., December 2019

I went to CornerStone Staffing when I was out of a job and almost homeless. Within a week and a half of the completed test, I had an assignment and now I have a full time job! Thanks Tara and CornerStone. You rock!

Evva M., November 2019

I went to apply in Lewisville branch, the service was good and good environment, very helpful staff, especially Michelle helps me a whole hiring process in computer system, made it much more easier and faster. Thank you for your good service and helpful system.

Lin P., November 2019

I had the opportunity to work with Belinda. She has been such a great help and I do have the utmost respect for her and the way she conducts her work at CornerStone Staffing. I highly recommend working with her. She got your back!

JR, November 2019

My experience with CornerStone Staffing was very positive, the staff were Professional and Kind very helpful and worked hard to place you in the right area for your skill set.

Wanda P., November 2019

I think CornerStone Staffing is the best especially Chandi because she stayed vigilant in finding me a job.

Michelle D., November 2019

I was very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness of the entire staff at the Fort Worth Summit location of CornerStone Staffing. Their application and testing procedures are very organized and comprehensive. My recruiter was Leigh C. and she is absolutely awesome and a wonderful asset to CornerStone Staffing. Leigh is a pleasure to… Read more »

Diane A., November 2019

CornerStone Staffing is a very professional temp agency I would definitely recommend them to friends and family in a heartbeat. Angel R., who is the Assistant Operations Manager, helped me with my job search and she’s very nice and professional I love her. Thank you so much.

Iesha S., November 2019

The entire Fort Worth office I visited today located inside of the BBVA COMPASS, were EXCELLENT!!!! My first time signing up with them and I start working the same week. Not only that, but they also have me lined up with another assignment when my first one ends. They all had PERFECT customer service!!!!! Reply

Mr. CEO, November 2019

Everything was perfect from beginning to end! Highly recommend! The office setting is very pleasant 💜

Crystal B., November 2019

This place gets it done. I went in and met with Haley. She was great right away she said I have something in mind for you. She matched my qualifications with a company and the next day I was going on the interview. I was trying to find a job for a few months by… Read more »

Daniel S., October 2019

They made sure I walked out with a job. They worked with me, and the customer service was great.

Gingerdaprincess, September 2019

This is the first staffing agency i have ever dealt with, and I’m beyond grateful i decided to choose Cornerstone. Leigh is amazing as well as the staff! Any time i call they are always able to assist to my questions. They helped me find a position so quickly.

Priscilla H., September 2019

I had an excellent experience with CornerStone Staffing in Grand Prairie. Cathryn made my experience easy and she communicated very well plus she responds to you quickly. I was submitted and hired to a position within a month. I would definitely recommend CornerStone.

Janeika A., October 2019

Excellent experience. Wonderful, friendly staff who truly want to help. Would recommend to anyone.

Boslee H., September 2019

Clayton at CornerStone Staffing was AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a better Rep. He listened to my non-negotiables, continuously contacted me with listings and was always quick to answer a question. Keep it up, Clayton!

McKenna E., September 2019

Let me tell you guys about Lindsey! She did everything in her power to help me find work! I told her the pay rate i was looking for and she found me a position that exceeded that pay and worked with me to make sure i got the job. Amber was such a huge help… Read more »

Gabrielle G., September 2019

My experience was great! I’m new to the state and in need of a job. My recruiter, Alicia, was the best. She found me a job w/in a week. And it’s a temp-hire. The whole experience was fast and great. Good job CornerStone!!!

Shelia W., October 2019

CornerStone Staffing is very professional and helps you locate employment quickly. The staff is very humble and does their best to answer all your questions quickly. The office is a nice environment, makes you feel at ease.

Greg T., September 2019

The personnel at this staffing office was very pleasant and thorough with the testing. I believe that anyone with a good attitude will obtain the jobs needed for their career and future. Thanks to everyone and kudos for a fine job you are doing.

Marie B., October 2019

Great atmosphere, polite and professional staff. I am amazed at how thorough their process is. I have seen how certain staffing agencies can be and CornerStone Staffing exceeds them all!

Kate H., October 2019

CornerStone provided the best staffing agency experience I’ve ever had. The staff was very courteous and informative. My staffing consultant, Iris, was very professional and I feel that she is looking out for my best interest. Thank you CornerStone Staffing!

Monee L., September 2019

“Everybody that works there is very nice and professional from front desk to all the lady’s from the back. Applied and got a job the same day thanks to Tara.”

Alicia B., August 2019

“Kara is OUTSTANDING! Her skills are unmatched and she truly has a passion for helping others! I had such a great experience, along with her being very professional. I would highly recommend her.”

Ebony C., August 2019

“Super friendly and they really honor your wishes. Thank you CornerStone!!!!”

Debbie B., August 2019

“This is the first staffing agency where I have felt seen, heard, and understood. They handled my paperwork professionally and let me know exactly what the expectations were ahead of time. Very friendly.”

Diane C., August 2019

“Very organized, very detail, very explanatory, knowledgeable of the process, and customer service was awesome with the whole staff that l communicate with also, Meghan was my comfort zone and l could feel she really wanted the best interests and opportunities for me.”cH

Christina J., August 2019

“Michelle was professional and extremely nice, she worked with me every step of the way until I found a job that I liked. She took no time, and kept in contact with me throughout the whole process. I’m starting Tuesday thanks to Michelle, no other staffing company I have been to match the service of… Read more »

Keneishia S., August 2019

“Great People Here!! TQ is awesome and you can feel that she truly loves what she does, which in turn makes you successful!!”

Eboney M., August 2019

Haley, at the Addison office, was so professional and KIND! She made this the smoothest and easiest process ever. She always kept me in the loop with updates on a regular basis! She even followed up via email when she couldn’t reach me by phone. Looking for a job can be very stressful so it… Read more »

Ryeisha R., August 2019

Very professional and knowledgeable! Tara was fantastic! Matched with a perfect position day 1 and now after my hours are up, I’m hired! Thanks CornerStone Staffing!!

Jennifer P., July 2019

Really opportunities you have here are open to what you bring to the table. I have never used a recruitment agency before and everything went very smoothly. The staff was very professional and helpful and Emilee worked quickly to get interviews lined up.

Nic G., July 2019

It was a great experience with extremely helpful and friendly staff.

Jose T., July 2019

Great professionals and eager to help place in a position that suits both their clients, and their employees.

Frances B., July 2019

The Las Colinas office is amazing, from the front desk. Leigh knows her job – my experience with her has been nothing short of beautiful.

James O., July 2019

Very helpful, the wait time is a little long but understandable for how many people the staffers need to individually talk to and take assessments. I have yet to actually get a temp job myself but know many others who got theirs immediately, it just depends on what’s available. They’re very understanding and will do… Read more »

Amber R., July 2019

The sign on/hiring process was really easy. I applied to a position on Sunday evening and Rebecca contacted me on Monday to come in and interview. She re-did my resume to highlight my skills for the position I was applying to and kept me well informed throughout the hiring process. She told me what the… Read more »

Monica M., July 2019

My experience was great. I signed up and started working the next week. I didn’t have any issues they made sure I was comfortable at the job I was assigned to and a big thank you to Lorena whenever I had any questions she was always available to answer them.

Tameisha E., July 2019

I started my new journey for a new job a few weeks ago. The process was quite simple. And the staff is very nice and encouraging. I was placed with Lindsey, as my recruiter she was very helpful and very knowledgeable about different positions, one in witch did not work for me she assured me… Read more »

Samuel L., July 2019

Tequea at the Dallas location helped me out and I was amazed how easy the process was and especially quick! Not only did I get staffed for what I was looking for I got into what I specialized in and wasn’t expecting that. Thank you!

Christina M., July 2019

CornerStone Staffing’s staff is phenomenal. Every staff member I have met has been friendly and a pleasure to work with. Especially my staffing agent, Angel. Angel at CornerStone staffing has been a blessing to me. With the stress of relocating to another state and getting familiar with the local area, all can be difficult, without… Read more »

Jeanelle J., July 2019

Awesome location, the recruiters are very pleasant and helpful! It almost seemed to be family oriented! Awesome staff!

Netta D., July 2019

Absolutely the best experience I have had with a hiring company. Ellie was super helpful and super supportive. I am very appreciative for all the help I received! Thank you!

Laura A., July 2019

5+ stars for the entire staff at CornerStone Richardson, specifically Holly. From the easy to navigate website to being placed at my first assignment, this professional team surpassed any and all of my expectations in the job search process. I truly enjoyed working with Holly. We thoroughly discussed my work history and my specific job… Read more »

Rafael S., April 2019

I just moved to DFW the ending of September 2018 form Houston, TX, I received a call from Holly Garcia at CornerStone the 3rd week of October to interview for a contract to possible permanent position and my experience was beyond amazing. Holly was so welcoming, answered any questions I had and explained the whole… Read more »

Iona M., March 2019

They are all very nice, professional, & welcoming! Best experience ever, & kudos to Holly for making this a great experience for me. I recommend them on any service you need, regarding help finding a job. The service from this company speaks volume!!

Shawna B., March 2019

I have to give Tara with CornerStone Staffing major kudos with my experience! She made sure the process was A+!!!!!! Thank you to Tara and the CornerStone Staffing team!!!!!

Adam R., March 2019

I called one morning and came in for an interview the following day. They’re fast. They’re efficient. They’re empathetic. They’re professional. They’re helpful. They’re everything a good hiring agency should be.

Lillian S., May 2019

I really liked this location they were friendly. From the moment that I walked in, to the moment I left the building. Great atmosphere.

Kristy M., April 2019

Great staff over there from the receptionist, she was very helpful and also Marcus was very helpful too. I came in jobless, I went out hired.

Rich K., May 2019

Great staff and atmosphere, they were very helpful, hands on and efficient at helping potential employees. Try them out.

Selinah M., April 2019

CornerStone Staffing was super helpful! It’s better than any other agency that I’ve been to. I would really recommend this place if anyone is looking for a job 🙂

Jennifer G., May 2019

Leigh is so helpful, and sincere!!! I absolutely love working with her, & best part of all, I left with job options that are within 10 miles of my home.

Miss Dupree, April 2019

Went in for the 1st time this morning, and their friendliness was a huge relief for me. They made me feel at ease, all while assuring me that they would do everything possible to place me in a job. Belinda is the best!

Shana F., April 2019

CornerStone staffing is great. The staff is very friendly and they make sure to have you complete everything needed to proceed with career opportunities. They provide one-on-ones with a recruiter to learn more about the needs of the job seeker and offer valuable feedback in regards to placement.

Taylor B., March 2019

If you’re a responsible adult looking to work with professionals, this is where you want to go. Great experience, quick and easy.

Frederick W., May 2019

I will gladly recommend CornerStone staffing to friends and associate because they are very professional in their conduct and they will help you find the right job for you.

Anthony U., April 2019

My overall experience with CornerSstone was great, I would truly recommend this staffing agency to other individuals whose looking for work. The receptionist as well as the staff was very professional and friendly. Thank you Arlington/Grand Prairie CornerStone for your professionalism.

Jackie T., March 2019

I had been searching for a job for about 6 months then went to CornerStone Staffing and worked with Cathryn. Cathryn is really friendly and professional. She helped me land an ideal assignment within a few weeks. I am very grateful for Cathryn/CornerStone Staffing. 🙂

Lori E., March 2019

Great professional experience really helpful & persistent with great relatable jobs.

Darren W., March 2019

I would recommend Lindsey at the CornerStone Summit location. What started out as a very difficult process to merge back into the job force, Lindsey had excellent communication skills, 5 star!!! I started out with two other agencies before joining CornerStone and yet the end result was Lindsey really made an effort to find me… Read more »

Melissa F., May 2019

When I was desperately looking for work, out of the 5 agencies that I signed up with, CornerStone was the only one that came through. Lindsey was a pleasure to work with. She treated me like a professional and really made me feel as though she cared that I was placed in a job that… Read more »

Tanya K., April 2019

Working with Lindsey at CornerStone was a quick and smooth process. She was very helpful every step of the way. I definitely recommend using them for your job placement needs and if you get to work with Lindsey as well then you’ll have a job in no time. Thanks again for all your help!

Will F., March 2019

Angel was thorough, honest and transparent. She made a suggestion for an opportunity that I was unsure of, and as soon as I started it was clear that she put me in position where I can thrive and succeed.

Dominic C., May 2019

CornerStone Staffing is the BEST agency I’ve ever worked with. They really work for their clients to find jobs that match your skills. My recruiter, Angel, had great follow-up and was awesome to work with. I would recommend CornerStone Staffing to anyone who needs assistance finding their next job opportunity.

Shamonica C., May 2019

Very professional. Even though they didn’t have what I was looking for they offered me an asap position until what I was looking for came around. Clean and great, happy, professional and organized environment

Tanisha B., April 2019

My experience with CornerStone Staffing has been awesome! This was my first time signing with a temp agency and I didn’t know what to expect. Christina went out of her way to ensure my experience was painless. She walked me through every step of the process and worked hard to get me my first assignment.… Read more »

Donna W., April 2019

The online application was quick and easy. The hiring process only took about two weeks. They provide in-house drug screening which makes the process efficient. Alicia did an amazing job at matching me within my scope of practice. Thanks Alicia!

Meskerem N., March 2019

Alicia worked very hard to get me at the City of Dallas… I really appreciate all the hard work… I will do A VERY GOOD JOB to show my self worth to CornerStone.

Beverly H., March 2019

Awesome place to work thru.. Ms. Cassy & Ms. Ashley where very nice and professional women. CornerStone staffing has great benefits and for the 1st time I have found a staffing company who gives paid holidays and in addition to that if you accrued 1500 hours you get a longevity bonus check for $125!!

Colby H., April 2019

CornerStone at Addison was wonderful in helping me find a company that fits my needs. Haley did an amazing job in locating a place for me within a week of me interviewing with her. I highly recommend this place! The staff is nice and the facility is clean and welcoming. The entire process was smooth… Read more »

A Andrews, May 2019

I am a new client of CornerStone Staffing, but my experience with them has been excellent! The staff is both professional and courteous. They go above and beyond the call of duty. Special thanks to Anna and Iris for helping me!

Tiff L., April 2019

Process was very easy and quick and I received multiple offers making more than my current job. Got hired within the week and am loving my new position. If you are looking for a job or just to see what else is out there this place is the best.

Juan Carlos M., March 2019

Just want to thank Cornerstone Staffing for helping me find the right career. I starting out as a temp through one of their clients and was hired on permanently three months later. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!!

Tatyona A., March 2019

Another CornerStone miracle… We would like to bring Chloe in to meet our owner on Monday at 3:00 if she is available. The team loved her and were so excited when they talked to our owner that he wants to meet her. I should have trusted your judgment, KeSha! Hold off on the search for… Read more »

Liz S., HR Manager – February 2019

I’ve been searching long and hard for an administrative role. Sending my resume out every day on Indeed, no luck at all. I looked up staffing companies and CornerStone popped up on Google. I read the reviews about the staffing company and I finally had hope!! I applied right away. Holly was so helpful and… Read more »

Carrie B., February 2019

I feel blessed working with CornerStone Staffing! Very professional staff, organized and very efficient. Since I stepped in for my first interview with Tara, I felt I am with a trustworthy professional, smart and knowledgeable agent; she organized my interview with the recruiter in a very short time! The process was very easy and they… Read more »

Leila N., January 2019

The Richardson location has been really good to me! The whole team made me feel like I was their only applicant! Very personable team! Tara, even while 8 months pregnant, was working so diligently to offer me assignments around the clock. And Ken was always persevering, which made me know I picked the right temp… Read more »

Beoncye J., November 2018

I am so glad I submitted my resume with this location at CornerStone Staffing, my experience with Tara was GREAT!!!! Tara was very professional, and pleasant which she greeted me with the biggest smile ever!!! She found me a good job with a well established company and excellent starting salary!!

Keosha J., October 2018

CornerStone Staffing has been awesome to me. The staff are kind, patient, and work diligently to find placements that specifically suits the needs of each individual. I greatly appreciate everything Tara and Ken have done for me in assisting to find me a wonderful job opportunity, along with the perfect job location. Thank you CornerStone… Read more »

Sondra, September 2018

I came to the Richardson location, dressed for an interview and resume printed out. I was given a quick skills test and got an interview that week! I’m now a full time employee at a job I really like, thanks to Tara at CornerStone Staffing. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is going… Read more »

Hannah M., August 2018

I have been placed in two jobs by CornerStone Staffing. They vet their clients thoroughly, are very professional, and offer great advice. The insurance is effective while on assignment and is not expensive. I worked with Ken before and Tara Lang most recently. I tell anyone I know who is looking for a job about… Read more »

Kathleen C., July 2018

Tara has been my recruiter while employed through CornerStone, and she’s the absolute best! She’s always so helpful and caring. She makes it a priority to get you applied interviewed. Each time I had a job within a week!

Kimberly M., June 2018

CornerStone has very nice employees and they work so hard to match your job with your skills. I cannot believe how quickly they found me a job. It was within one day of signing up. I have never seen any Employment Agency as good as this one. I’m very thankful for them!!!!

Shelly H., April 2018

CornerStone and Tara Lang did an excellent job of finding me an appropriate job within a short amount of time. They were hands down the best at testing quickly and thoroughly and finding a position within my salary and distance range. These people are pros!

Thomas S., March 2018

I had a great experience with CornerStone. The initial interview and testing was a smooth process. I would highly recommend CornerStone!

Kamy T., February 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan and I could not be happier with the results. He helped me get placed with a World Class company within only two weeks! During our first meeting, he helped me identify the right opportunity. A few days later he scheduled my interview. His advice and guidance helped… Read more »

Rey M., March 2018

Very easy smooth to find jobs that match you perfectly.

Shaqreia C., February 2019

Once again hats off to the professional and courteous people at CornerStone Staffing agency Lewisville who went above and beyond to find adequate work for me. Thanks again guys you’re the best.

Marvin F., October 2018

I just finished my first project with PWC, and I had a great experience. Thank you Jana!! You’re the best, you are were great to work with!!

Keri E., April 2018

Awesome experience! Friendly and very helpful! Michelle was fantastic!

Kristi L., March 2018

Clean and friendly environment. Receptionist is really nice and the recruiters were really nice and helpfully to get me to work.

Javier A., February 2018

I had pleasure of working with Emilie W. She was always very polite and very pro-active. She responded to any calls and emails in great time. She never hesitated to make me feel like she was actively working to help me and on my side. She has simply been great to work with. Honestly, it… Read more »

Tijuanna E., February 2019

My experience at CornerStone Staffing was incredible! The entire staff was welcoming, the facilities and processes were efficient and clear, and my agent Belinda helped me secure an excellent position with a software development company within only 11 days! When my professional references were needed the day after my interview, one of Belinda’s colleagues reached… Read more »

Aleah B., January 2019

This company is the best I’ve been with so far. Never have I had such a caring and understanding staff. They made sure I had a way to work and a way home by paying for my Uber and Tiffany was so sweet and professional..I definitely recommend CornerStone I give them 5 stars!!

Darrell D., November 2018

I absolutely recommend CornerStone Staffing. They connected me with a awesome company quickly. Markeisha was more than excellent as she guided me through the entire process of finding employment, she was very nice and professional and treated me with dignity and respect from the moment I met her. She is an Awesome individual and in… Read more »

Black B., October 2018

If you are a job seeker who is looking for an agency with nice, professional, friendly people I highly recommend trying out CornerStone. They made the process fast and easy. Markeisha was my representative and I’m SO Thankful for her. She helped me to find the career of my dreams. A place that’s loving, caring,… Read more »

Jennifer B., September 2018

I am so very happy with my CornerStone Staffing experience. From the moment she contacted me, Markeisha was kind, professional, and thorough. She placed me at a job that I truly love that allows me to use my current knowledge but still learn so much more about my field’s industry. Not to mention the company’s… Read more »

Rachael R, July 2018

This is by far one of the best agencies I’ve worked with. They are very professional, and will work hard to keep you busy working. Belinda, as well as the rest of the staff, are absolutely outstanding!

Dionne C., May 2018

I came into CornerStone thinking short term. But the support I received from them, they had long term in mind. I was hired on as a permanent employee with their support. Maria and Leigh, thank you so much for all of your help and understanding. Rough patches and frustrating moments, but you guys pulled through… Read more »

Nia M., April 2018

This was the first temp agency that I have ever used and i was very impressed with the professionalism. My recruiter Markeisha was fantastic I am now working full time for the company as a permanent employee!

Ash K., March 2018

Best Temp Agency in DFW!!!…and not only are they professional, the recruiters go Above & Beyond to match candidates with assignments that enhance Skill Sets. Belinda, you are One in a million!!! ..I am enjoying my Dream Job.

Ckirongothi, February 2018

Great experience and very professional office staff. They placed with a wonderful job assignment based on my experience and passion! Thank you Norma for all your help you are awesome!

Quinn A., February 2019

Fantastic service, overall would highly recommend to all my friends. Cathryn was so friendly and kept me updated during the hiring process 🙂

Hector B., October 2018

I came back to CornerStone as a rehire! Jamie has been the most helpful person in the past and now plus she’s so informative. She assigned me to a job immediately and was most professional. I would recommend Jamie for your job search. She is on TOP!! Five stars for JAMIE!!! 🙂

Diana H., July 2018

Emilee was wonderful. From the first time I met her I felt she had my best interest at heart. She went far and beyond from what I could have ever expected. She made my experience at CornerStone Staffing amazing! I would recommend my closest friends to come see her or this office! Thank you and… Read more »

Mario, April 2018

Positive and professional. They know their client and make sure the candidate is prepared for their interviews. Very good about follow up during the process.

Karen H., March 2018

Friendly and well managed. Took time to listen to my needs and find a career that is suitable for Me.

Samuel F., January 2019

After a previous extended assignment unexpectedly ended, I was very concerned that I would not be able to find something quickly. Once again, Chandi at CornerStone Frisco was able to gain an assignment for me with PERFECT hours and close to home. So thankful for her!! : )

Renee M., December 2018

CornerStone was truly an amazing experience! Incredible staffing that welcomes you with all smiles. Most of all I wanted to give a shout out to Chandi! She was the most professional and sweetest person ever! I walked in and she quickly lined up an interview for me the same day! Glad to say that I’ve… Read more »

B. Owens, August 2018

CornerStone Staffing Frisco is absolutely phenomenal! Chandi and Meghan are truly the best. These ladies are diligent in identifying the right opportunity for you if you are in need of employment. They are very encouraging and believe in each person individually. If you are in the process of looking for employment definitely reach to these… Read more »

Valarie E., Mary 2018

I was introduced to Meghan and Chandi at the CornerStone Staffing office in Frisco, Texas just a week ago. They were very professional and very helpful in helping me look for my next job. I got all my lessons completed. Meghan had a company in mind for me to apply with and I got a… Read more »

Mary M., March 2018

Tired of job boards and expired web posts? Try a recruiter. This place has a good wide spread of positions they fill for employers but bear in mind – they are recruiters and mainly focus once temp work, but lots of times this can lead to full time work. They do assessments on site for… Read more »

Gustuf Y., February 2019

Clayton is awesome. He’s very prompt at getting back to me if I have questions or concerns. Very professional and helpful. I would recommend CornerStone for sure!

Lori B., January 2019

I am so glad I found CornerStone! Before them, my experience with staffing agencies had not been very helpful because I didn’t have much work history. I needed my foot in the door in order to start my career. CornerStone helped me get a position with a major hospital and from there I was able… Read more »

Walberto R., November 2018

Lindsey, was so amazing. She helped me every step of the way and is so respectful! I was so glad she was my recruiter. I will be going to her for all my concerns (if any come up).

Louis H., October 2018

I just moved here to Texas from California. I am very impressed with how fast CornerStone Staffing in Fort Worth was able to find me a job. Amber was very helpful and I have enjoyed being able to work with her. The staff is also very helpful. I am very pleased with how the whole… Read more »

Wendy E., August 2018

CornerStone in Fort Worth TX has been great to work with in helping me to find long term to permanent employment. Shortly after moving to Texas I started my employment at CornerStone. They had provided me with great service and a job position right away. Lindsey has been great in helping with this process. Thank… Read more »

Judith Y., July 2018

Michelle at CornerStone on Summit was amazing! She helped me so much with my job search and answered all my questions. She also prepared me the best way possible to get the job I really really wanted!! Finally that Friday I got the call that I was offered the job. I am thankful for CornerStone… Read more »

Alrep T., June 2018

CornerStone Staffing provided exceptional service from the moment I walked through the door. Michelle became my staffing manager and she was extremely helpful. It was not even a few days when I received my first interview and did a great job in preparing me for the interview since I got the job. She did a… Read more »

Victor G., May 2018

Lindsey with CornerStone Staffing is absolutely amazing! She did not give up, until she found a position for me; she’s a very kind and most professional.. Thank you Lindsey!!!

Kimberley R., April 2018

CornerStone Staffing is the first employment agency that I have ever worked with. I’m so glad that I decided to do it! Amanda has been great helping me find employment. She has given me great advice, is always very helpful and friendly. Always makes you feel like she cares about you and works very hard… Read more »

Cathy B., March 2018

They were professional, helpful, and direct (which I appreciate). Today was my first time there to do my paperwork and I walked out of there with an interview for Baylor. I am very impressed and pleased with this company. Thank you CornerStone!

Beatriz R., February 2019

I went to CornerStone and I was given work to help in the meantime while I am being reviewed for another job. The staff were great!

Erica J., February 2019

I had a great experience working with CornerStone Staffing. My recruiters name was Alicia who made my onboarding experience great. She was very friendly also. She gave me an assignment with The City of Dallas where I meet the program manger (for my assignment) Tara; who was very kind also. I appreciate them both. I’ve… Read more »

Lamont W., January 2019

CornerStone has amazing staff. Alicia’s very professional, efficient, and good at her job. She also has an infectiously positive demeanor. CornerStone has already out-shined every other staffing agency at first glance because of the professional, friendly and accommodating service they give to not only their clients, but their applicants as well. I enjoyed every interaction… Read more »

Marquis A., January 2019

CornerStone has been great to me and very understanding. Since being with CornerStone I have always worked with Alicia S. I have had nothing but great experience with them. Professional environment, they will help you find the type of job that you are looking for and make sure its a fit for you.

Sherry G., December 2019

Gratitude to Angel for her assistance. I interviewed one Monday, then began working the following Monday. The position included everything I mentioned during the interview! Thank you Angel.

J. Johns, November 2018

I had a great experience with CornerStone. I ended up getting hired full time from my temporary position, and my recruiter Alicia was so great from the start! I would definitely recommend CornerStone.

Sarah J., October 2018

I applied for a job with CornerStone on Monday 13th. Alicia called me Wednesday the 15th. I met with her on the 16th, she got me an interview on the 17th and I was hired for the position on the 18th. I am over the moon with my experience. I have dealt with numerous agencies… Read more »

Charisse E., August 2018

I’ve only been with CornerStone Staffing one week and I am loving it. It only took me 3 days to be sent on an interview and I start my first assignment tomorrow. CornerStone Staffing in Downtown Dallas has an awesome team working there. Angel, is who I’ve been working with. She’s very responsive to your… Read more »

Sherry S., July 2018

WOW!!! CornerStone Staffing was the best thing that happen to me for getting a job. Angel, my recruiter was super professional and kept me up to date on everything she was doing to support me finding a job. The process was so well organized and understandable due to the wonderful staff. I felt like I… Read more »

Emily J., June 2018

I highly recommend CornerStone Staffing and as an employment agency. Angel and staff are professional and friendly–always making the tedious search for employment actually smooth. Within a week I was called for a temp assignment that has the potential to be full time employment. Again, I highly advise people to use CornerStone Staffing as an… Read more »

Jennifer M., May 2018

Christina was the individual I worked with at the Dallas branch. She was always very professional, sincere and expeditious in assisting me with my job placement needs. I would highly recommend working with this office. Very effective.

Albert G., April 2018

The whole staff at CornerStone Staffing – Downtown Dallas was very friendly especially on my first time coming up there. I worked with Angel who did a great job at finding me a position. Most staffing companies usually mention a job position to you and if you do not get the job position, do not… Read more »

Shombray I., March 2018

This branch was clean and well maintained. The staff was very helpful and walked me through the entire application process. The receptionist was friendly and professional.

Jaden K., February 2019

I was very impressed with the level of service I received. Before leaving the office they already had a lead for me.

Ali B., December 2018

Friendly staff. Long process, but I walked out of the door with a work assignment same day.

Stephanie J., December 2018

Great folks to work for and with love you guys thanks for job I got through you guys.

Kelton F., November 2018

My experience at CornerStone Staffing Central Fort Worth has been wonderful! Every interaction I have had with the staff members has been pleasant and professional. They are great about communicating with me through phone calls, emails, and texts so I always know what is going on. They have an ‘open door’ policy in regards to… Read more »

K Smith., July 2018

Perfect place to find a job. 1 hour application process and will find a job same day. Work with your schedule and salary expectation. Leigh is great! They will do anything in their power to find the right job for you.

Alexis R., June 2018

Impressed with the entire process and will definitely use their service again. 5 stars!

Evelyne P., February 2019

Fantastic staffing agency. The staff are always friendly, willing and readily available in resolving any concern one might have and you are sure to be placed in a good company. Lovely office environment and warm ambiance. Very welcoming. I will use them over and over any day any time.

Dallas I., February 2019

Great Professional Service. Made the entire process simple and easy to understand. I wish I could give them six stars.

Brian H., January 2019

I’m really pleased with the way it went. I was not rushed or made to feel a burden. It felt relaxed and assuring that they’d help with getting a job.

Dave G., January 2019

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the receptionist. She was very sweet. She helped me get started the minute I stepped foot in the office and offered me refreshments. My recruiter Ellie was also very professional and even helped me with my resume. She quickly spotted an opportunity for me and… Read more »

Paola D., January 2019

The staff at Cornerstone are all helpful, and very pleasant. I look forward to working with them.My visits were both professional and delightful!

Lavaras W., December 2018

Ellie Haugen, Assistant Operations Manager, has been more than a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and knowledgeable about how and where to place candidates at the proper job fit. She is considerate, patient and proficient. She is a great asset and valued representative for CornerStone and I highly recommend their company to… Read more »

Lisa W., November 2018

The help that I have received from Beth Caple and Leigh Lanterman has been spectacular! NO unanswered questions. I was put in the best position to succeed. I appreciate that greatly!! Thank you

Michael C., November 2018

A fantastic young lady named Iris helped me find my dream job! I was a little nervous about using a staffing agency at first, but I am extremely happy with the results!!!!!

Gordon F., October 2018

I am highly satisfied with the professionalism in which Cornerstone has helped me find a job… on two occasions. I am thrilled to start my new job on Monday!

Rosa G., September 2018

Iris Swope is the best of the best!!!! She helped me with the hiring process and found the best jobs opportunities for me. Also the office staff very professional and helpful.

Alexander C., September 2018

What a great diverse & welcoming company! The staff are all so accommodating & friendly!

Davion H., August 2018

I’m a employee of CornerStone and I could honestly say they’re one the best temp staff I have worked with!!!! Jana is very understanding, positive and helpful to any situation that I need regarding my assignment with CornerStone. CornerStone is very upfront about any assignment (if your assignment are coming to the end they will… Read more »

Cicely B., April 2018

Rebecca Burns is awesome. This is the first time she has assisted me in job placement. All the while, she was very informative and advised me on every opportunity available that suites me. No guessing in her game. I am currently on assignment and satisfied with it. I truly appreciate her great efforts on placing… Read more »

Becca G., February 2018

Best Temp Agency in DFW!!! . . . And not only are they professional, the recruiters go Above & Beyond to match candidate with assignments that enhance Skill Sets. Belinda Sierra, you are One in a million!!! I am enjoying my Dream Job.

Ckirongothi, February 2018

I’ve had a great experience with CornerStone since I moved to Texas in July of 2016. Ken Campbell has been GREAT!!!! I’ve been with the same e-commerce company for 20 months now. I just got notice I will be picked up permanently in March. Thanks again Ken for being very professional through this entire experience.

Kevin W., February 2018

CornerStone Staffing was extremely helpful and very professional. Leigh Cooper, in particular, went out of her way in helping me obtain my desired position – even working after business hours to schedule interviews. Her work was greatly appreciated and I highly recommend CornerStone Staffing.

Thomas S., February 2018

This has been the best temp agency to work for. They are fast, accurate and always willing to help you. I was skeptical at first but their recruiter, Amanda Pustejovsky, was awesome and made me feel at ease and found me a great job! Always grateful to CorenrStone Staffing.

Tramacia M., February 2018

My company accidentally stumbled upon CornerStone and now we are so thankful we did. Haley Killion and her team have been tremendous in finding quality candidates when we have had an urgent need. It’s great to know that they meet with each candidate face to face, conduct testing for them, and even do background checks!… Read more »

Christina S., February 2018

“We are enjoying the candidates from CornerStone Staffing. You guys have done a great job since you started doing our stuff.”

Donna S., Graphics & Printing ~ January 2018

Yes, those 2 are shining stars!!! They both catch on very fast, just like I need them to. Their numbers are better than good. All my temps are awesome, don’t get me wrong. It is just something about how those two have caught on so fast. They have been a tremendous help in the short… Read more »

Dalton G., AP Supervisor ~ November 2017

Allison recruited me for a great position with a company in Dallas. Allison is very professional, courteous, and responsive. The clearly sets expectation for all parties and proactively manages the recruitment process to ensure everything moves along quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her recruitment service.

Yuna P., Director ~ November 2017

I keep getting lots of compliments about the quality of candidates CornerStone provides to us!! They’re awesome!!

Cindi H., Human Resources ~ September 2017

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how pleased I have been with Erica! This is my first time to use CornerStone Staffing and she has made my experience extremely pleasant! She is SOOOOO organized and kept me on track of who was coming and when. She’s the first person… Read more »

Ann-Marie H., Human Resources ~ September 2017

If you are looking for a job right away, contact CornerStone Staffing!!!! The staff is amazing and very generous. From the minute I walked through the door, they made me feel right at home. I was coming from another state and Mrs. Chandi Harris helped me find my first job, and I loved it!!!

Jasmine J., August 2017

I highly recommend CornerStone Staffing! Everyone in the office is so nice & professional. I went in to apply, interviewed with Angel Rico, who is just a doll. She was extremely helpful and got me tested the same day. Before even getting home she called to let me know the client wanted to interview me… Read more »

Jenna E., August 2017

CornerStone Staffing is awesome! I still can’t believe I found employment the same week I interviewed with them. I had a really great experience with CornerStone especially with one of the top recruiters. I went in to interview for a low paying job and Lindsey offered me a way better job. Thanks guys!

Seun O., September 2017

Erica is one of the most ambitious and dedicated professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her work ethic and devotion to her clients is insurmountable. Erica’s knowledge of the staffing industry combined with a very strong network of stellar professionals enhances her abilities to provide clients with not only superior service,… Read more »

Richard E., September 2017

I have to admit that dealing with recruiters from staffing firms was not my favorite method of finding a job. It was always the same thing, hurry up, submit your resume credentials, get pumped up only to never hear again from the recruiter. Not to mention that often, after reading the job description, I would… Read more »

Claudio C., September 2017

Thanks, again!!! You all are doing an awesome job at helping with so many of our positions! We really appreciate all of your hard work and couldn’t be happier with this partnership!

Jessica R., August 2017

Thank you for dropping by our office today. Your office has sent us the ideal employees to assist with the Annual Open Enrollment for our Wait List. The Open Enrollment process is completely an online process and many of our customers have no or limited PC experience. This is where our partnership comes into play;… Read more »

James W., August 2017

Todd, once again, my accolades to the most dependable staff of professionals I have ever had the pleasure to partner with. I can always, without exception, and unequivocally,  depend on Chandi Harris and Crysta Cowart to be there for any question, any issue, and of course, any staffing need. I ask for a copy of… Read more »

Kathy B., August 2017

I had never worked through a temp agency before and I’m glad that CornerStone was the first one that I went through.  They were great and they had me placed with a company within a week.  I’ve been a temp at the company for 90 days and I was just offered a permanent place at the company!!… Read more »

Courtney J., September 2014

I’ve been going to CornerStone Staffing in North Fort Worth for all my job hunting needs for years now and they’ve never disappointed me in finding something for me to earn a living.  One of their associates, Loris, has been a great help.  Like everyone at her office, she is very diligent and courteous with… Read more »

Michael F., April 2014

Thanks so much for your help today.  Everyone at your location was so kind and just made what seems to be a scary experience a little easier.  Trying to change my career path after 20 years is scary to me.  I wanna say a big Thank you to you especially, Kara.  Thanks and I will… Read more »

Angie E.,  September 2014

Always a pleasure working with CornerStone. CornerStone is definitely my personal choice when working with agencies and I make that known regularly to our C-level execs. You guys are awesome!  

Ashley K., Mortgage Client

I think CornerStone is a quality firm that has provided me with strong candidates and a great customer experience over the last few years. I have been a Recruiting Manager for a Top 10 bank for 10 years and would only share that feedback on a handful of companies. If you are looking for a solid… Read more »

VP of Recruitment, Top 10 Bank, March 2017

I have had the chance to work with Megan on a couple of different levels. She introduced me to my current employer and continues to send us quality candidates for our open positions. She is very persistent and digs deep to satisfy her clients needs. I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone who has staffing… Read more »

Bob K.

Our business requires the flexibility to staff anywhere between 200-500 temporary associates annually. We have been a client of CornerStone’s for over a decade. We use their on-site model because of the attention to detail our high-volume, fast-paced environment requires. The Account Manager we were assigned is Guy Pavleck. He and his staff have done… Read more »

Angel R., March, 2017

I’ve worked with one other staffing agency before, but the job they found for me wasn’t ideal. I decided to give CornerStone Staffing of Richardson a try due to the reviews I’ve read. I met with a recruiter who was nothing short of fantastic. She was genuine and worked very diligently to find a job… Read more »

Michelle N., August 2016

My experience at the Watauga branch was great. As soon as I walked through the door, the atmosphere was professional and pleasant. There was practically NO wait after I completed each segment of the interview process. Their office was very clean and comfortable. I left feeling extremely positive that the staff did a great job… Read more »

Chris B., June 2016

Professional. Personable. Smooth process. I applaud the entire staff! I should have come here a year ago.

Anderia E., February 2016

With the help of CornerStone Staffing I was able to find employment within a month of moving here, to Dallas, Texas from Chicago. During that month they provided me with a representative who went above and beyond to help with anything I needed. In short, CornerStone is my number one choice among DFW’s staffing agencies.

Kiera M., June 2016

Amanda Pustejovsky was my recruiter with CornerStone. I can honestly say that she did her best to help me. She was on top of every email I sent her. Since my skill scores were low, she gave me leads to help me get them up and provided me with the encouragement that I needed when… Read more »

Jill L., November 2016

As a new CornerStone Staffing employee, I can say that the experience has been literally life changing. Thanks to the never-ending communication from Alicia Styers at the Dallas, Texas location, I’m on my way to not only having a job, but a career for life!!! This position, through their office, will give me and my… Read more »

Lisa G., June 2016

I love this staffing agency!! I walked in, filled out an app and was set up with a job interview the following week!! They helped prep me for the interview a day before which really helped and showed they care! I aced the interview and have now started my training! The job I was given… Read more »

Luxury R., November 2016

CornerStone Staffing is really nice and very helpful. The moment I walked in they welcomed me and made me feel like I mattered. They are going above and beyond to find me a job and I really appreciate that. Having someone who is helpful and has your best interest at heart is everything. It’s easy… Read more »

Tameia M., November 2016

I would really like to express to CornerStone how much I appreciate Michelle Zabonik as my rep. She always goes above and beyond for us. Even has worked with me after hours to get a job placed. She is a great representation of what a dedicated and professional company CornerStone is. I honestly would like this to… Read more »

Mellany S., May 2016

I just wanted to write an email to first say how impressed <we are> with Daniel Stancil and how professional he has been during our process to find good candidates. <We> would have never entertained CornerStone if it wasn’t for Daniel’s persistence and continuing to build a relationship with us. I find that a lot of… Read more »

Katie S., May 2016

Todd, your team has been outstanding to work with! Professional, fun, timely responses and quite frankly, my first choice to work with

Kathy B., July 2016

I wanted to take a minute and let you know that CornerStone Staffing has been of great assistance to our Operations team. They have provided candidates very quickly and even backfilled one of their own that gave short notice that was unable to arrive to one of our shops. I deal mostly with Nicole Baker… Read more »

Mario P., August 2016

I wanted to thank you for the level of service that CornerStone provides us. Most staffing agencies are just another place to pull additional labor. However, the team of Ashley Salisbury and Amber Thomas in Arlington has become an extension of our HR Department, and we wouldn’t be able to pull it off without them. .… Read more »

Sara W., August 2016

Don’t worry; if I need anyone else, I will most certainly contact CornerStone first. You have made this very easy from the beginning.  I won on the first candidate you sent, and that is exceptional for me considering I had already been through numerous candidates with another company. I really appreciate the assistance and the screening… Read more »

Kittie V., September 2016

I’ve only heard great things about all of the temps who worked our event this weekend. We were all amazed how quickly you brought them together and gratified that they were excellent workers.

October 2016

I wanted to say THANK YOU to CornerStone for all your efforts recruiting for our last Customer Service Fitness Blitz, it was a great success. Our management team is very impressed by the number and quality of candidates you continually provide. I also wanted to say a special THANK YOU to Rebecca. She is a ROCK STAR! Her… Read more »

Christine M., October 2016