How To Perform A Proper Employee Background Check

Vetting a candidate before making a job offer is an important step. Do you expect your candidates to pass a background check? If so, do you know the proper ways to perform a background check on potential employees? Making a mistake on this part of the process could be costly to your business in the long term. Here are a few things you should know before running a background check to make sure you’re compliant.

  • Always be consistent. The most important thing to consider when creating a background check protocol for your company is to remain consistent across the board. You must provide the same background check with the same qualifying criteria to every candidate. To do otherwise can be seen as discriminatory behavior. Create a process and follow those procedures to create a fair and easily repeatable process.
  • Understand the local and federal laws. It is also essential that your company comply with any laws regarding background checks. For example, it is important to follow the federal guidelines established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act when obtaining a credit report, background check, or driving record for pre-employment purposes.
  • Know what a disqualifying finding is. The primary concern is to ensure that your disqualifying reason does not violate any federal laws, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You must determine what violations on a criminal background check are disqualifying before reviewing any of the employee background checks.
  • Be careful with credit reports. Consumer reports and financial information are a particularly sticky situation to many employers. There was a period of time, especially during the recession, where employers reviewed credit reports for all levels of jobs. However, there are very few jobs for which credit should be a factor in a hiring decision.
  • Work with a staffing partner. To avoid any confusion and complications, you may wish to work with a local staffing agency that can provide guidance, insight, and background checking services. They can offer services as part of their recruitment package which will allow you to focus on the most important parts of your business while they do the work for you. A staffing agency conducts these processes all of the time and has the experience to provide the services in an affordable and reliable fashion.

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