Are Your Job Interview Answers Boring?

Do you think you’re ready for your next interview? Sometimes it is helpful to think about the person sitting on the other side of the desk from you rather than only focus on your own experience. They have probably already interviewed for this position before, so they may have heard many of the same answers… Read more »

What Skills Do Employers Really Want to See When Hiring New Grads?

With graduation season approaching, many graduates are wondering what is in store for them in the job market. You’ve learned a lot of things in your collegiate years, but often colleges and universities neglect to prepare students for the job search. If you’re applying for your first professional job out of college, what are employers… Read more »

4 Qualities to Find in a Great Administrative Assistant

As a manager, you know that the organizational health of your company lives and breathes by having the right administrative staff in place. They can keep everyone on track and handle all the day-to-day functions of your business when you’re concentrating on being successful. So when you’re in need of a new administrative assistant, how… Read more »

Hot Jobs for December 2015

At CornerStone Staffing, we are dedicated to providing the best possible partnerships between our candidates and our clients. As we enter the month of December, don’t let the Holidays slow you down. We are still hiring for a variety of positions and want to match the best possible professionals to the right jobs. Before you start… Read more »

Limit Turnover by Hiring a Diverse Staff

Far too often, hiring managers fall into a trap by hiring people who remind them of themselves. This leads to a homogenized environment where everyone tends to think the same so there are few discussions and disagreements that can lead to true innovation. The statistics are startling that companies who do not focus on diversity… Read more »