Write the Best Cover Letter Ever!

Do you really need a cover letter? Recruiters are split on this issue. As a job seeker it is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when a letter is requested. Some recruiters are looking for specific information that won’t be found in a resume. Others want to know that you can… Read more »

Small but Important Improvements to Your Workplace

Many employers are considering ways to improve the overall quality of the office experience and increase employee engagement. The good news is that these kinds of improvements don’t have to be costly or broadly sweeping. Here are four simple and small ideas that can be implemented in your workplace and provide a positive experience for… Read more »

Improve Your Online Brand: Job Search Advice

According to an article in Forbes in February of this year, a survey by Bullhorn showed that over 98% of recruiters use social media in 2012 to find candidates for their open positions. The evidence is compelling to create online profiles and keep them active. It is just as important to develop a consistent message… Read more »

How Recruiters Find You Through Social Media | Creative Search

Social media has changed the way recruiters are searching for candidates on line. While you still may be able to drop off a resume at the front desk, it may be more effective to communicate through these new avenues. LinkedIn and Facebook aren’t the only platforms recruiters are searching, either. They are becoming more creative… Read more »

CornerStone Staffing – Pack For A Purpose

In February, during a trip to Mexico’s beautiful Fairmont Mayakoba in Play del Carmen, CornerStone Staffing colleagues packed with a purpose. What was their purpose? To make an impact on the community they were visiting with a meaningful contribution. CornerStone Staffing worked with the Pack for a Purpose organization and identified two groups they wanted… Read more »

Understanding LinkedIn Search to Improve Your Rank | Job Search Tips

Many professionals have a love hate relationship with LinkedIn. Some only joined because a former company suggested it was a good idea. Now is the time to leverage the website for all it is worth to get the most out of it for your job search. Here are 7 practical tips for maximizing your LinkedIn… Read more »

Tips for Driving Employee Engagement | Texas Business

What exactly is “Employee Engagement” and what does it mean for your business? Engaging employees is about keeping them interested not only in their job but also the company. This will keep them productive and happy. For example; have you noticed employees spending more time than they should on Facebook? This is because they feel… Read more »

Effective Leadership Communication for Employee Engagement

The information age is thick with overwhelming data. Our constant access to the internet has changed the way we do business and how we interact with people. Our communication skills are suffering and this affects the ability of managers to be effective. A good leader has an opportunity to overcome these challenges and develop better… Read more »

Your Hiring Nightmares: Avoid Them

Hiring the right candidate for the job is important from the start. It doesn’t take long for a bad hire to affect the entire office and the best solution is prevention. You can save money and time by reevaluating the entire hiring process and eliminating flaws. Here are three unconventional tips that can help you… Read more »

Finding a Niche Job

Not every job search is created equal. In a perfect world hiring managers are able to select several great candidates from a pool of resumes and hire only the best. What happens when you have more specialized skills and you want to target the exact companies? When your experience is so different than so many… Read more »