Spleling Cuonts: 3 Ways to prevent typos and grammar mistakes from costing you job offers.

From a young age, we were taught to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. Yet, as adults, checking our work for typos and basic grammar is far from the highest priority. While it might not be your highest priority, grammar and spelling are essential parts of your job search. Hiring managers may see several… Read more »

3 Tips For Successfully Applying to Out-of-State Jobs

The job market continues to improve, and with that, the competition for jobs remains fierce. You’ve read the advice of experts and have polished your resume, prepared for the interview, and have crafted a superior cover letter. But, now you’ve decided a relocation is in order. Standing out from the pack when applying to jobs… Read more »

Fostering goodwill: How to answer questions from rejected job candidates.

As competition remains fierce for every job opening, you are likely rejecting quite a few candidates as part of your hiring process.  But, when people don’t get the job, they often are looking for answers. Why didn’t I get the job? What could I have done better? Answering questions from rejected candidates fosters goodwill and… Read more »

Can Video Resumes Help You Stand Out from Other Candidates?

Today’s job marketplace offers a wide array of tools and technologies to help you show off your accomplishments and qualifications. One of the most recent tools, and one that is gaining a lot of traction, is the video resume. Are video resumes the next great tool for job seekers? While a video resume might not… Read more »

Why Resumes and Cover Letters Still Matter

Let’s face it, technology has become an integral part of the hiring process. More and more candidates are finding new career opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But, have the old “brick and mortar” standbys, the resume and cover letter, become obsolete as social media takes over? Old Fashioned Resumes and Cover Letters Still Make… Read more »

Don’t Be Overlooked: Tips to Stand Out in an Interview if You’re Unemployed

In today’s economy, many talented professionals across the Dallas / Fort Worth market have had instances of unemployment. As things continue to improve; however, and you gain job interview opportunities, it’s important to stand out, and not have any periods of unemployment bar you from gaining a new position. Don’t be overlooked! Here are ways… Read more »

How to Gain Exposure For Your Job Postings Using LinkedIn

Social media is quickly becoming an ingrained part of our social fabric. It’s impact on recruiting; however, is just getting started. While Facebook and Twitter are great resources for job postings, LinkedIn is quickly becoming the best tool for employers and professionals. Tap into LinkedIn’s 100 million Members. LinkedIn has more than 100 million members,… Read more »

Happy Anniversary, CornerStone Staffing!

In June 1991, a new staffing service with just 2 employees came to town touting qualified and reliable temporary associates. This new service  opened its doors on Summit Avenue in Fort Worth, TX where their original office still resides. A few companies decided to give this new service a shot that year…Charlotte at Harris Hospital and… Read more »

Assessment Tools for Making Better Hires

Having the right tools at your disposal can make hiring a lot easier—and a lot more successful.  Here is a quick overview of different assessments tools you can use, beyond the basic job interview: Qualifications Screens – simple questionnaires determine if an applicant has the minimum requirements to perform a job (availability, minimum age, years… Read more »

Hiring Decisions – When is the Right Time to Hire?

Hiring Decisions – When is the Right Time to Hire Let’s face it, in many businesses payroll is one the largest (if not the largest) line item on your monthly budgets.  So, it can sometimes be a very difficult decision to add on more staff.  BUT, in some cases adding staff strategically can help drive… Read more »