Don’t Look Desperate In Your Job Search!

We know it’s a tough economy out there, and competition for job openings is fierce. Many job postings result in hundreds of resumes! You may feel like your job search is a hopeless one, but you shouldn’t! You’re going to be a tremendous asset to your next employer – you just have to stay focused.… Read more »

Using Technology to Your Recruiting Advantage

Do you own a mobile phone? Take a look at your phone right now. More than likely it’s a smart phone. Maybe an iPhone, or an Android device. But that little phone has quickly become a major part of your life, hasn’t it?  As a society, we are constantly on the go, and we expect… Read more »

Turn Your Seasonal Job Into a Full-Time Gig!

Seasonal employment positions can be a great way to gain experience, find work in between full-time positions, and have job flexibility. Turn your seasonal job into a full-time opportunity! During your seasonal assignment, you may find yourself wanting to stay as a permanent employee.  While there are no guarantees, there are ways to help increase… Read more »

Beat the Interview Slump!

Feel like you’ve gone on hundreds of interviews, and you’re doing everything “right?” Yet, you still haven’t found your next job? You could be in an interview slump! The key to a successful interview isn’t always going “by the book.” In fact, there are some common interview myths that may be holding you back. Beat… Read more »

Don’t Slow Down Your Job Search This Holiday Season!

Feeling a little hectic now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season? With family commitments, parties and gift-buying, it might not seem like you have time to work on your job search. Focusing on your job search during the holidays is critical. The holidays offer a unique opportunity to expand your professional network… Read more »

The Truth About Holiday Bonuses

When it comes to holiday bonuses, some employees tend to count on them as part of their salaries (as evidenced quite clearly by Clark Griswold in the holiday classic, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”). But, in a difficult economy, are they really necessary? What is the standard on holiday bonuses? There is no federal or state… Read more »

Keep Your Team Motivated in 2012

Do you use teambuilders to keep your team motivated? Particularly at this time of year, with holiday stress and responsibilities, employees may become distracted and lose their focus. You can help your team refresh, prepare for 2012, and keep productivity humming by scheduling regular teambuilders for your organization. Fun, light-hearted teambuilders can be the most… Read more »

First Impressions Matter – Being the Office “Newbie”

After all the time and effort spent landing your new job, actually starting the job can seem like an afterthought! Of course, once you step foot in your new office, you may start to feel a bit intimidated. Being the “new guy or gal” can be pretty stressful. It’s hard to get used to new… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Can you describe your corporate culture? Has your organization thought about how you would like your culture to be, and to reflect on your business as a whole? When you’re interviewing potential new employees, you are weighing their pros and cons, but candidates are also sizing you up – and your corporate culture could be… Read more »

The Hidden Questions Behind, “Tell Me About Yourself?”

You may assume that the frequent first question of interviews, “Tell me about yourself,” is merely an ice breaker to relax you as you begin the interview process. While it may help you do just that, it is also very often the “real” first question of the interview. And as such, it presents a great… Read more »