Develop Your Recruiting Strategy: Mobile vs. Desktop – Here’s How

Is mobile recruiting really the future of hiring? In order to answer that question experts have been looking at the habits of job seekers on line including how and when they search. If we compare mobile to desk top computing we can see some trends that may prove interesting for hiring over time. Here are… Read more »

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

[Career Tip] What does your email address say about you? Your username might have been cute back in college but now that you are looking for a career it is time to say goodbye to in favor of Just like your appearance, resume, and speech, your email address is part of the professional… Read more »

CornerStone Staffing and Special Olympics Texas

On Friday, June 21st, CornerStone Staffing had a great opportunity to provide volunteer staff for an event that was benefiting Special Olympics Texas.  The “Run or Dye 5K” donated money to Special Olympics Texas for each volunteer that CornerStone Staffing provided for the event for a total donation of more than $600!  Way to go… Read more »

Tips to Improve Your Reputation Online

A lot of job seeker advice published today talks about developing your personal brand. Is this just a trendy buzzword for the 21st century job search? Think about it in terms of corporate branding. When you’re on Facebook and you see a recommendation from a friend you are more likely to consider that company for… Read more »

Easy Steps to Create a Killer Reference Letter

There are several occasions in a manager’s career where writing a recommendation letter comes into play. It may be when a stellar employee moves out of state and asks for your help when they’re looking for a new job. It may be a layoff situation for an employee you would prefer not to let go… Read more »

The Art of the Status Update: LinkedIn Job Search Tips

In 2012, 38% of job seekers used LinkedIn to help them find a job. The network continues to be one of the fastest growing sites on the web and pages show up on search engine queries frequently. If you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential it is time to start learning how to optimize… Read more »

Management Mistakes You May Be Making

Just like every other skill in the workplace, management is one that should be trained and improved over time. As a manager you may have experienced less than ideal situations involving your employees. Could there have been ways your reactions or solutions could have been better? Here are five common mistakes managers make as well… Read more »

Is the Corporate Culture Right for You?

There is much more to the decision of accepting your next job than simply matching your skills to the duties. Recruiters often talk in terms of “fit.” This should be something that candidates should take into consideration as well throughout the interview process. If a company’s values aren’t in line with your own you will… Read more »

Attract Candidates By Being Socially Conscious

“Social Consciousness” is a concept that many businesses are talking about today. As it turns out, companies who lead the pack in social programs are attracting the best talent to their doorsteps. Concerns about environmental and social issues are affecting everyone, and job seekers notice when a company takes a stand. You may want to… Read more »

Stand Out Above the Crowd

You know there is a lot of competition for each available job advertised on the Internet. In order to be in consideration it is important to stand out as a candidate. What are the best ways to do this and how can you show you are the best potential employee for that company? Here are… Read more »