If You Can’t Sell This, Then How Can You Be Great in Customer Service?

A customer service job requires a lot of skills. You must have excellent communication skills, be able to talk to a variety of people in person or over the phone, and be able to sell or promote your product or service. But what many job seekers fail to realize is that a job interview is… Read more »

It’s National Safety Month! 5 Ways to Make It a Priority

June is National Safety Month. To honor this important observance, we want to provide some ways a company can make safety a priority not just this month but all year long. And safety isn’t just an important issue in production or industrial environments. If you’ve been wondering how to create the right safety plan for… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Set the Tone Early in the Job Search

Job seekers are eager to start work. They may have been on the hunt for the perfect opportunity for a while, even if they are highly skilled, so they want the process to go quickly. But from the hiring manager’s perspective, that isn’t always possible. It is critical that you manage the expectations of your… Read more »

Use Mobile To Find Talented Candidates

Statistics show that a high percentage of working adults connect to the Internet solely through their smart phones and other electronic devices. Knowing this information, it is important that businesses target potential employees through these channels. How can your company have a digital presence so you can be found and impress the right candidates? Here… Read more »