10 Easy Resolutions for job Seekers

Are you looking ahead to the new year with 2020 vision? There’s no better time than January to make your job search resolutions. If you want to find a new job, changing your approach might be the best solution. Here are ten new habits every job seeker should make in 2020. Build Your Personal Network… Read more »

What to Give Job References After You Applied for the Job

You may know a little bit about the best way to provide references to potential employers. But do you know that you should be talking directly with your references as well? Once you’ve applied for a job, give your references a call to talk about your search and how they can best help you. If… Read more »

CornerStone Staffing says, “People are the Most Valuable Resource in Business.”

CornerStone Staffing, a local family-owned recruiting and staffing agency, has been recognized for the second year in a row as one of the Best Places to Work by the Dallas Business Journal. CornerStone Staffing knows that recruiting great talent is only half the secret to success. Retaining great talent is just as important. A great… Read more »

5 Skills That Bring Your Resume to the Top

Sending your resume in for a job posting online can be a risky endeavor. Hundreds of other potential candidates may have done the same thing, and a recruiter or hiring manager will need to review and reduce the number of applicants before they make the next move. As a job seeker, your only job is… Read more »

Research a Potential Employer to Stand Out in Job Interviews

Long gone are the days where you can show up to an interview with your resume in hand and wow them with your skills. Oh, you still need the right skills of course, but you also need to bring more to the table. One of the best ways you can impress a potential employer is… Read more »

Do You Know What Can Be Asked (Legally) in an Interview?

The interviewing process has caused many sleepless nights and anxiety attacks for plenty of job seekers. When you add to it the concerns of how to answer inappropriate questions, or what questions are inappropriate at all, it can become more nerve wracking. So how do you know what a potential employer can and can’t ask… Read more »

Learn When To Talk About Salary

There is so much to worry about when it comes to making the right first impression in an interview. Sometimes the biggest mistake job seekers make is bringing up money too soon in the process. Salary is always a touchy subject so when do you know the best time to bring it up? Let’s take… Read more »

Using LinkedIn To Enhance Your Career

LinkedIn, like any online tool, is only as good as the information you provide on it. Filling out a basic online profile and letting it sit without engaging with the community does not position your information properly so it can be found by hiring managers on the site. LinkedIn needs active engagement to work properly.… Read more »

Top 10 Words to Use on Your Resume

Your resume is the doorway to your next job opportunity. It is your responsibility to convey your experience in a way that is effective and interesting to the resume reviewer. Often this is done by including accomplishments rather than job duties. You also want to make sure the resume is well formatted and easy to… Read more »

Dated Resume Advice: How Not To Write a Resume

You can ask 10 people for advice on how to write a resume and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Unfortunately, there is no specific manual on resume writing so many job seekers are left to wing it on their own or ask friends and relatives for advice. However, the nature of the resume… Read more »