Make Temporary Help Feel Welcome Quickly

A new employee always has a period of adjustment but for a temporary staff member the first few days on the job can be even more difficult. Often temps don’t feel like a full-fledged member of the team so it is imperative that managers make an effort to help them feel welcome starting on their very first day. Here are some ways you can make your temporary help feel more welcome from the moment they arrive.

Have workspace and equipment ready.

Far too often temps complain that the company wasn’t ready for them when they arrived. They have to wait, sometimes almost all day, for a desk or a computer to be set up for them to work. This experience can negatively impact the temp’s impression of the company and set the tone for the entire assignment. Instead, when you schedule the temp for the job get the process started to ensure they have all the equipment they need from the time they arrive.

Pair them with a permanent employee mentor.

Isolation is another big concern for temporary employees. On top of that they sometimes have to deal with the misplaced aggression from the permanent staff who may feel threatened by their presence in the company. To eliminate both of these problems choose one of your trusted employees to become an on-site mentor for the temp employee. They can help show the new team member the office and answer any of their questions. Also, assure your current staff that the temp is there to make their jobs easier, not to replace them.

Allow them to access company information.

Confidential company information doesn’t need to be shared with everyone who walks into your building, but if the job your temporary staff member is doing is reliant on data then you need to find a way to provide it safely. Give a temp access to the data they need to effectively perform the job they’ve been assigned. Part of the reasoning for this access is to make your temporary employee feel like a vital team member. Frequently, good temps go on to become trusted permanent employees and this works best when they feel like they’re part of the team.

Follow up with the service and the employee.

The recruiter who placed your temporary staff member on the job is an important piece of the puzzle. They will usually check in weekly to see how the employee is doing. Don’t ignore these calls. Discuss any concerns and determine solutions. At the same time, don’t cut the temporary employee out of conversations either. Provide feedback to them on the job so they can improve anything that needs improvement right away. And, don’t forget to give them praise if they’re performing well.

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