Do You Know What Can Be Asked (Legally) in an Interview?

Can you ask me that-

The interviewing process has caused many sleepless nights and anxiety attacks for plenty of job seekers. When you add to it the concerns of how to answer inappropriate questions, or what questions are inappropriate at all, it can become more nerve wracking. So how do you know what a potential employer can and can’t ask in an interview? Here is a closer look at some questions that are perfectly legal for a hiring manager or interviewer to ask you and some ways you can respond.

Do you have the right certifications?

A potential employer can legally ask if you possess the necessary certifications for the job. This is most common in the medical industry but also possible in IT or other specializations. A job candidate is required to demonstrate their ability to perform the job. Talk about the certification process, your success in the program, and how it has affected your experience.

Can you travel for this job?

For certain jobs it will be necessary for the employee to participate in travel outside of the office. While an employer cannot ask why or why not in regards to your ability to travel, they can verify that this is something that you can do because it is critical to the success of the job. If you can’t travel, be honest. It won’t help your situation to be hired and be unhappy in a role that is unsuitable for you.

Can you work overtime?

Similarly, overtime may be required for some jobs. An employer who is trying to find out this information by asking about your family, children, or home life is asking illegal questions. All they need to know is whether or not you are able to work the schedule they require. Do not answer questions about children or childcare because that does not directly relate to your ability to perform the job. Simply let them know that you are able to work the hours they require.

Do you have the legal right to work in the U.S.?

Finally, it is perfectly acceptable for an employer to ask a job seeker whether or not they are legally able to work in the United States. After the hiring process is complete, and you have been given an offer, you will also need to produce the correct documents to demonstrate that you are able to work legally.

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