Conduct Exit Interviews That Provide Real Feedback

Do you have an exit interview process in place in your company? Do they work to provide you with good feedback that you can use to improve your workplace experience? There is a lot of mixed information regarding exit interviews so it is important that you know how to conduct an effective version and what to do with the data you receive. Before you face a resignation in your office again, here are some tips to creating exit interviews that really work.

Focus on valued employees.

When a bad employee leaves the company, it really isn’t necessary to determine why they left. Instead, focus your energies and talking with top performers who have given their notice to find out the reasons why they’re choosing to move on. This will help you make improvements to keep top talent on your roster.

Pick the right exit interviewer.

The exit interview should never be handled by the employee’s direct supervisor. They will be unable to be objective and may take statements personally. Instead, have a neutral third party talk with the employee. If you have an HR department, they should handle it. If not, you may want to use a trusted outside business consultant. The cost will be worth the benefits.

Explain the purpose.

It is important that the employee understands the purpose of the conversation. You’re not trying to get them to admit anything personal or trick them into staying with the company. You want them to know that you are looking for constructive criticism and things you can improve in the future. They should also know that their participation is voluntary, but helpful.

Keep it confidential.

The results of the exit interview should never be shared outside of HR or upper management. Do not discuss exit interview information with other employees or even the former employee’s direct supervisor. The only exception to this confidentiality is to share information that may be helpful to improve processes and policies in the future.

Track the results.

Lastly, there will be no improvement if you do not track the results of the exit interviews in a way that help you determine why good employees are leaving the organization. Is it primarily due to policies that they don’t prefer? Or maybe you learn that your salary is not competitive, or that you don’t have a solid advancement plan for star employees. Use the information you get constructively.

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