What’s the Most Effective Way to Communicate in a Job Process?

How to Communicate

While you’re searching for a job, there are plenty of instances when the communication needs to be initiated by the hiring company. But there are other times when it is up to you to communicate to the hiring manager. You need to be in control of your job search as much as possible. How do you know the right times and how much contact you should be having throughout this process? Here are three things to consider when communicating with a potential employer.

How often should you connect?

This largely depends on where you are in the process. If you have submitted a resume then it is fine to follow up once to make sure that your resume was received. If you have been contacted for a phone interview, make sure you ask what the next step is after the phone interview and when they expect to schedule face-to-face interviews. Finally, for a traditional interview follow up once within a week of the meeting or by the time the interviewer specified that they would be making a decision.

What is the best method?

The key here is to determine the best way to communicate with the specific hiring manager. Some people prefer phone calls and others prefer emails. Try to determine the best method for each individual. However, if it is unclear then an email is usually a good fallback plan. It gives them the time to review your message and respond when they are available. If you do use the phone, don’t call first thing in the morning, lunchtime, or right before the close of business. Around 10 a.m. is a good time because they’ve caught up from the previous night.

How to avoid being a nuisance.

The final piece of the communications puzzle for job seekers is to ensure that they don’t inadvertently sabotage their chances of being offered the job. Hiring managers have a big job to do. Not only do they have to fill this open position (and possibly other positions) but they also have to handle their own day-to-day tasks. If you follow up too often or become an inconvenience, they may become frustrated and place your application in the “No” pile. If a company doesn’t contact you after you’ve followed up once after the interview then it is time to move on and continue your search.

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