CornerStone Staffing says, “People are the Most Valuable Resource in Business.”

CornerStone Staffing, a local family-owned recruiting and staffing agency, has been recognized for the second year in a row as one of the Best Places to Work by the Dallas Business Journal. CornerStone Staffing knows that recruiting great talent is only half the secret to success. Retaining great talent is just as important. A great… Read more »

Negotiate a Raise for 2017

Over the years as a job seeker you have probably learned how to write a killer resume or knock an interview out of the park. At the same time, you may not have paid much attention to salary negotiations. It’s an equally important skill that is often overlooked. This can prove true for even the… Read more »

What’s the Most Effective Way to Communicate in a Job Process?

While you’re searching for a job, there are plenty of instances when the communication needs to be initiated by the hiring company. But there are other times when it is up to you to communicate to the hiring manager. You need to be in control of your job search as much as possible. How do… Read more »

Fired For A Past Job? How To Spin That In Your Favor In An Interview

No one wants to be fired from a job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of a promising career. You’ll be faced with plenty of opportunities to recover from your mistakes. However, don’t let the issue compound itself by mishandling it in an interview. It is your job to sell your… Read more »

Factors To Consider When Debating Between Jobs

You have two employment opportunities to consider. How do you know which will be a better fit for you? There is power in having a choice like this but that also means significant responsibility in choosing the right one. How do you know you’re making the right decision? Here are some factors to consider when… Read more »

Be Flexible – Negotiating Salary for Your New Position

There is a lot of advice for job seekers regarding resumes and interviews but what happens when the interview is over and you’ve received a job offer? Salary negotiations may be the most important conversation you have with your new employer so it is essential that you are prepared. Here are some tips to successfully… Read more »

Top 10 Words to Use on Your Resume

Your resume is the doorway to your next job opportunity. It is your responsibility to convey your experience in a way that is effective and interesting to the resume reviewer. Often this is done by including accomplishments rather than job duties. You also want to make sure the resume is well formatted and easy to… Read more »

Dated Resume Advice: How Not To Write a Resume

You can ask 10 people for advice on how to write a resume and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Unfortunately, there is no specific manual on resume writing so many job seekers are left to wing it on their own or ask friends and relatives for advice. However, the nature of the resume… Read more »

How Hiring Managers View Your Resume: What to Include

Recruiters and hiring managers spend approximately six seconds glancing at a resume before deciding if they want to review it further or toss it aside. Recently, experts have used science and technology to better understand what a reader is really looking at when they view a resume for the first time. Studies using heat maps… Read more »

Risk Manager Jobs in Dallas | Salary Breakdown

Risk management is an essential role for a number of industries. Without the available talent to understand and assess risk, it may be difficult for some organizations to avoid it. If you’re looking for a risk management position in the Dallas area, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to your… Read more »