Research a Potential Employer to Stand Out in Job Interviews

Stand OutLong gone are the days where you can show up to an interview with your resume in hand and wow them with your skills. Oh, you still need the right skills of course, but you also need to bring more to the table. One of the best ways you can impress a potential employer is to know more about their company and be able to express why you want to work there more than your competition. Here are some ways you can research a company and stand out in your next job interviews.

What they do

The one question, above all others, that you never want to ask in an interview is, “What do you do?” The company expects you to have at least a basic knowledge, and the information is easily, and readily, available online. At the very least, you should Google the company and read about them on their own website.

Why they do it

To take this one step further, and give yourself an advantage over your competitors, try to find out why they do what they do. What role do they fill in their community? What is their philosophy? You can find this on their website or across social media. If you come to the table with this knowledge, you’ll be in a great position with the company.

In the news

The next step is to look for mentions of this company in the local news. Or, if they are national or global company, beyond. You can find press releases, news stories, and coverage about individuals within the organization that have been newsworthy in their careers. A quick news search on Google (or another search engine) should make this efficient and productive.

Major players

Speaking of individuals with the company, don’t stop at looking up just the business information. Check out LinkedIn profiles to see who you might be working for, or working with, in the organization. However, don’t take this too far and continually message company employees while you are in the job interview process.

How you fit in

Lastly, the reason for researching any and all of this information is to find out how you and your role will fit in with the company’s corporate environment. Use this information to discuss your personal values, your long-term goals, and how you think you will benefit the organization as a whole. It’s easy to explain how you fit into the job requirements, but if you can take the culture of the company and show how your personality fits into that aspect, you will really stand out.

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