Evaluate LinkedIn Recommendations for Quality

LinkedIn RecommendationsLinkedIn recommendations are not a substitute for complete references of your candidates, but they can help you make a decision. How do you know which recommendations are genuine and which are just fluff? There are a few ways to notice the differences between good and not-so-good. When you’re looking at LinkedIn recommendations, here are the things you should be keeping in mind.

Pay attention to details

“I loved working with Eric. He was a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone.” As an example, this is a pretty poor LinkedIn recommendation. The writer didn’t even indicate how they knew Eric or what he did for the organization. They neglected to mention any accomplishments or why they would recommend him to others. While you’re reading recommendations look for specific details that help you put together the narrative about your candidate’s jobs.

Look for matching content

Now that you know to look for details, what is the content you should focus on? Of course, the most important thing is whether or not their previous work is related to the job for which you wish to hire them. Do their former employers and supervisors use terms that your organization uses? Did they provide praise for skills that are directly related to your company? The more information you can find that makes the job candidate a potential fit for your company, the likelihood increases they will succeed.

Notice the personal connections

You also want to be sure that the person contributing the recommendation has actually worked with the candidate. What is the relationship? Were they a co-worker or a supervisor? Was your candidate just fishing for recommendations to include on their page? A good recommendation will include the details such as, “I was Eric’s direct supervisor at Daedalus Technologies where he was able to increase our revenue by 60 percent with a few small changes in our procedures.”

Check the profile

Take this process one step further and check out the profiles of the individuals who have provided the recommendations. Don’t get too caught up on whether or not they’re active on LinkedIn, but whether or not their profiles are genuine. Is it just a name and cursory information without even a profile picture? This could be a red flag. Make a connection with strong profiles and reach out for more information whenever necessary.

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