“Because I Said So” Isn’t Very Effective

Good leaders can inspire their team and encourage them to aim for the company goals. Sometimes decisions can sound difficult or challenging to your employees no matter how loyal they are to you as a manager. Approaching your team like a group of toddlers by saying “because I said so,” is the least effective ways to make your point. So how can you effectively explain these difficult decisions to your staff? Here are some practical tips.

Ask for their opinion

When you’re making the decision to implement a new procedure or rule, it is a good idea to get the opinion of your trusted staff. You may learn that their objections are actually reality checks so you can make important adjustments before the change goes live. You will also show your team that you trust their feedback and want them to be a part of the decision-making process in your office.

Share your process for the decision

Some of your decisions, though better in the long run, won’t be popular among your employees. And there may be nothing you can do about that. The best you can offer is a little background on why the decision was made. If your team understands the process and can see the possibilities for the future, then they will be far more likely to give the change a real chance. Hiding the decision-making process from your employees will just raise eyebrows and lead to questions.

Have empathy

There was a time before you were in a decision-making role at your company or with other organizations. How would you have felt when these kinds of decisions impacted they way you worked? Put yourself in your employees’ shoes and think about how this will affect their job on a day-to-day basis. By thinking about decisions in this manner, you can provide them the help they need to make the adjustments.

Try before they buy

In some cases, you can try a new idea out on a temporary basis. This gives your team an opportunity to buy into a decision before it is implemented across the board. This method will also give you a chance to alter the big change to improve things as they go. And, after the trial is over, if the new decision hasn’t been a big improvement over the old way then you can decide to scrap it and start over.

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