5 Time Management Skills for Your Resume

Effectiveness and efficiency are two top skills companies look for in a candidate. But how do you showcase these on your resume without overusing these words? It often boils down to time management skills. Here are the five most crucial time management skills you should showcase on your resume. Organizing Organization is a crucial factor… Read more »

Before You Quit Your Job, Read This

Box full of office supplies on the table

The urge to quit can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes a job isn’t what we think it will be, or it changes over time to no longer match our career goals. When things don’t go as expected, we’re frustrated by managers or coworkers, or we’re burned out, just walking away can seem like a very appealing… Read more »

The Cost of a Bad Hire in Texas

The wrong hiring decision can have detrimental consequences for your business. Taking a risk on a candidate who doesn’t fit in with your company can be dicey. The total cost of a bad hire adds up quickly and goes way beyond their salary. One bad hiring choice will cost your company time and money, and… Read more »

How to Identify Leaders through Interviewing

You’re not just looking for people to fill the seats in your office, you want to find the next generation of leaders for your company when you’re hiring new employees. How do you know which candidates have what it takes to lead in the future? Not all candidates are created equal and leadership skills aren’t… Read more »

4 Steps to Make Sure a Candidate Accepts Your Offer

The job market is competitive. The tables have turned on employers who once found themselves in control of the hiring process, with more available candidates than jobs. Today, certain skills are highly sought-after which means that companies have to be more diligent about making sure that their top choice candidates accept their opportunities. Here are… Read more »

4 Things to Look for in a Candidates LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has quickly become the number one website for recruiters and other hiring managers to look for candidates. Recent surveys have indicated that 93% of hiring managers and recruiters use the site as part of their hiring process. It is important to know what to look for before beginning a search on LinkedIn. Here are… Read more »

5 Ways to Identify Future Leaders for Your Company

It isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketplace to simply hire the best candidates. Few employees are content doing the same functions for years on end. Dissatisfaction often stems from not feeling challenged or appreciated. The best way to counter this problem is to identify and hire individuals who can become leaders in your company. Here… Read more »

What is Temp to Hire?

Hiring can be an expensive proposition. Not only do you need to handle the costs of advertising and pre-screening but also the salary, benefits, and taxes for each employee. A bad hire can be even more expensive. If someone doesn’t work out you need to start the process over again. Temp to hire staffing can… Read more »

10 Ways Office Culture Can Make You an Employer of Choice in Texas

Your corporate culture is your very identity. It is made up of so many different aspects from your mission statement to the way you treat your employees. If you’re looking for amazing new talent to add to your company you may want to think about your culture and how to sell it to prospective employees.… Read more »

Hiring Nightmares to Avoid: Hiring Based on the Resume Only

Tips from Dallas Staffing Agencies: Hiring Nightmares When you begin the search for a new employee you expect candidate resumes to reflect who they are professionally. In a perfect world this would be the case each and every time. However, not every job seeker is who they seem on the surface. Many organizations have made… Read more »