4 Steps to Make Sure a Candidate Accepts Your Offer

The job market is competitive. The tables have turned on employers who once found themselves in control of the hiring process, with more available candidates than jobs. Today, certain skills are highly sought-after which means that companies have to be more diligent about making sure that their top choice candidates accept their opportunities. Here are four steps you can take to make sure a candidate accepts your offer:

  1. Sell your company.
    While interviews are often looked at as a way for candidates to sell their skills to a business, it is equally as important for a company to sell their business to the candidate. What makes you an employer of choice? What can you offer a candidate that your competitors can’t? Use the interview process to entice candidates to your organization.
  2. Be fair with money.
    Many experts believe that the real reason behind the so-called skills gap is a problem with salary inequity. After the recession, businesses were gun-shy about offering bigger salaries. However, more and more candidates are less likely to take jobs if they don’t feel the salary is fair. Use online services such as Salary.com to determine the range for the jobs in your area before negotiating a salary.
  3. Create a company culture.
    Your office environment is as important as the individual jobs or the salary. Your employees spend more time in your office than they do at home with their families, so they need to feel comfortable and engaged with their work. Think about additional benefits you can offer right in your building. This can include a relaxing break room, wellness programs, or even work from home options.
  4. Listen to needs.
    Before making an offer to an employee, talk to them about what they are looking for in an employer. There may be some things you can accommodate with very little additional work on your part and these can improve the overall working experience for everyone in your company.

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