Top 10 Words to Use on Your Resume

Your resume is the doorway to your next job opportunity. It is your responsibility to convey your experience in a way that is effective and interesting to the resume reviewer. Often this is done by including accomplishments rather than job duties. You also want to make sure the resume is well formatted and easy to read. There are specific words that may draw the reviewer’s attention to your experience. These action words demonstrate that you know how to do your job and you’ve been successful. Be sure to use these words with some caution. Don’t use words that have no relevance to your career and don’t over use them. Here are the top 10 words you may want to think about including.

  1. Trained. This shows that you have experience working with others and passing on your knowledge. However, only use this if training was essential to your role and would be an asset to the new employer.
  2. Built. This word can have many meanings. Built could refer to physical buildings, infrastructure, or even technology. It can emphasize that you were specifically responsible for the development of something important.
  3. Promoted. If your experience has led you through several positions and levels of responsibility in your company, this is a great way to demonstrate on a resume that your career has continued to grow.
  4. Improved. Skills that allow you to take an existing idea or procedure and improve upon it are highly sought after by companies looking for innovators.
  5. Solved. Typically, a company looking for a new employee has a problem they need solved. If you can showcase problems you have solved in your career you may attract their attention.
  6. Initiated. This demonstrates that you can take on a leadership role and spearhead a project. It also shows that you aren’t afraid to get something started.
  7. Planned. Some jobs thrive on excellent organizational skills. If you planned something that was successful in your last position, this may be just the word a reviewer needs to see on a resume.
  8. Managed. Whether or not you are in an official management position your ability to use these skills in your career are valuable to new employers. You may manage time or assets as well.
  9. Increased. When writing a resume it is good to include accomplishments with as much data as possible. If you increased revenue, sales or even team morale this is a great action word to include.
  10. Introduced. This positions you as an innovator and a potential leader for a future company. Make sure you share how this benefited your employer.

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