Hurry Up Can Hurt

Sports cars speeding over racetracks are marked with racing stripes. People speeding through tasks on the job are marked with cuts, bruises and bandages. We forget, until it’s too late, that hurrying can hurt. In just about every instance, hurrying on the job does not do much to increase productivity. When we hurry on the… Read more »

Common Sense and Safety

Serious accidents can happen when you take safety for granted. Consider this situation: a man was adding fuel to his lawnmower. He poured some gasoline, then took a step back with the open fuel can in his hand. Meanwhile, his neighbor walked up behind him with a lit cigarette. The can touched the cigarette and… Read more »

Safe Housekeeping

Lots of activity is a positive sign, signifying more business. When this happens, our workplace is full of action with many workers performing different operations simultaneously. Imagine the chaos that would result if workers did not clean up after themselves. Our workplace would become a hazardous obstacle course as trash and debris piled up, and… Read more »

Keeping Safety in Mind at the Office

Although an office may not be as dangerous as a manufacturing factory floor, on-the-job accidents still happen and can cause potentially serious injuries. Be aware of the possible workplace hazards you face. If you take the necessary precautions to prevent incidents it can save you both pain and money. Know the Hazards Trip and fall… Read more »

Dealing With Stress on the Job

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that 25% of workers feel that their jobs are the number one stressor in their lives. They also found that work-related stress is more highly correlated with health issues than family and financial problems. When overwhelming challenges at work turn enjoyment and satisfaction into exhaustion… Read more »

Avoiding Winter Slips and Falls

Winter months present additional hazards that employees like you typically don’t encounter during warmer weather. Specifically, you may risk experiencing major slips or falls amid snowy and icy conditions, which could lead to serious injuries. Consider the following recommendations to prevent slip and fall incidents this winter: Wear shoes that provide traction on snow and… Read more »

Prevent back pain and injury

Back injuries are among the most common workplace injuries. Occupations such as nursing, construction, and factory work can place severe demands on your back. Even routine office work can cause or worsen back pain. Fortunately, these tips can help keep your back healthy and pain-free. 1. Pay attention to posture. Slouching and other awkward postures can strain your… Read more »

Using Battery-powered Tools

Tips for operating these tools safely Battery-powered tools, sometimes referred to as cordless tools, can provide convenience when traveling to different job sites. Amid continued technological advancements, battery-powered tools are becoming more powerful and efficient, allowing employees like you to perform a range of tasks with ease. As these tools become increasingly available and more… Read more »

Eliminate Back Pain

Use proper lifting techniques Lifting is such a common activity that people often forget that there is a right way to do it. In fact, lower back injuries are the most common work-related injury and can cause a lifetime of pain. Learning to lift properly today will help you to avoid back pain tomorrow. Proper… Read more »

Managing Workplace Stress

Focus on what you can control Many Americans consider their jobs to be stressful. While specific sources of stress and the way we deal with them differ from person to person, many of us especially struggle to cope with factors that are out of our control. Common job stressors include heavy workloads, pressure to perform,… Read more »