Networking in a Virtual World

While we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, several aspects of this new normal will become permanent. Remote work and remote hiring are at the top of that list, but so is remote networking. How do you grow your network when networking is now virtual? Here are a few tips for… Read more »

Headphones at Work Might Be Tuning You Out

Is it common courtesy or insulting to those around you? What are your thoughts on wearing headphones while you’re in the office? Certainly you don’t want to subject your co-workers to music and podcasts while everyone is trying to work, but what is wearing headphones really doing to the culture of your office? Do you… Read more »

5 Questions To NOT Ask Hiring Managers In An Interview

All job search experts advise to be prepared with questions for an interview. While this is a great way to determine if the job is right for you, it can also backfire if you ask the wrong questions. When you’re preparing for your interview, here are some things you should specifically avoid when it comes… Read more »

Write the Best Cover Letter Ever!

Do you really need a cover letter? Recruiters are split on this issue. As a job seeker it is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when a letter is requested. Some recruiters are looking for specific information that won’t be found in a resume. Others want to know that you can… Read more »