Hiring Nightmares to Avoid: Not Acting Quickly in a Candidate Driven Market

The job market has changed forever. During the recession, jobs were lost and many never returned to the business landscape. As new jobs were created and companies began to pick up hiring steam once again, the market turned from employer-driven to a new candidate-driven experience. Unlike the job boom in the 90s, this market looks quite different. Companies who don’t act quickly are left without the talent they need for their open positions. Here are the best ways to avoid this hiring nightmare and bring in the right people in a candidate-driven market.

  1. Employer branding. The best way to attract top quality candidates in today’s market is to make your company interesting. Online and offline branding is extremely important for potential employees to be able to see what your company can offer. Spend time cultivating your brand on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure that your company lives your brand. Implement policies that are consistent with your message and mission. This is the first step to attracting the best talent to your door.
  2. Streamlined hiring process. One of the top reasons companies aren’t able to hire top candidates is because of a drawn out and outdated hiring process. When time is against you and candidates are looking at multiple offers, you need to ensure your hiring process is effective and efficient. Establish a series of steps that each candidate goes through. Work with others on your team to create a streamlined process to allow you to compare candidates and feel good about your selection.
  3. Competitive salaries. There is a belief among professionals that the so-called skills gap has less to do with the experience of today’s workforce and more with an inequality of pay rates for the experience that is sought. Individuals with the necessary skills are available, but some companies have been making low offers in an attempt to save money. This practice is causing organizations to lose out on excellent candidates because they aren’t willing to pay the necessary salaries.
  4. Counter offers. Another reality in today’s market is the counter offer. Candidate who would previously stay with a job they may not be happy with have been confident interviewing. The original employers are frightened that their employees will leave for other opportunities and are responding with attractive counter offers. Be aware of this and find out the employee’s real motivation for wanting a change. Some situations at their current employer will not change even with a raise in salary. Your organization may be the right answer for them.

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