The Right Ways to Ask about the Job in the Interview

The Right Ways to Ask about the Job in the Interview
Every job seeker knows that sometimes you read a job description or a posted ad and realize that, while you’re qualified for the job, you’re not entirely certain what the job does. Of course, you send your resume anyway because, why not? So what happens when they call you in for the interview? This is the moment you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth what the job duties and expectations are for this role. But there is a right way and a wrong way to ask these questions. Don’t ask, “What does this job do?” Instead, here are some better suggestions.

What are the goals for the company as a whole?

You want to find out where the company sees itself in the coming years, just like they want to know your personal career goals. This way you can see if they align with your goals, or you can be ready to handle surprises when they do happen. Keep in mind that expected goals are often different from the real-life eventualities, but if you’re both on the same page to begin with then you can both roll with the punches.

Do you see any projects that might come up in the future?

The job description is one thing, but what about things that they didn’t list? You never want to be the employee that declares that something isn’t in their job description, but it is helpful for you to know if there are any additional expectations, or even opportunities, that will be coming up in the future.

What is an average day in this position?

The job description may have been vague. So, if you want to know what is really expected every day, ask about it specifically. You want to know what any given average day looks like for someone in this role in this company. It is even better when you’re able to ask the person who is currently in this position or someone else from the same department.

What are your expectations for a successful candidate?

Lastly, you want to know what qualities they want to see in an employee. You have to make sure you match in personality as well as in abilities. Ask them what other successful people have brought to the table to see how well your personal soft skills apply in their company culture.

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