Focus on the Candidate Experience in 2016

Thumbs up Have you made your management resolutions this year? If you haven’t thought about it yet, consider focusing on the candidate experience throughout 2016. With a competitive job market and numerous companies looking for qualified candidates, the experience that job seekers get during the job search goes a long way. If you want to know the best ways to enhance your candidate experience, here are some ideas to implement this year.

Communicate Face to Face.

Most job candidates get very excited during the job search process. They want to hear back from their staffing agency or from the company they are applying with for the new job. If a job candidate isn’t going to get the job, some hiring managers ignore the email communication from job seekers because they won’t be hiring them for the job. That’s not a good business practice to follow. While you don’t have to respond to every overeager email, keeping job seekers updated on the process is respectful and will provide a great image.

Importance of Social Media

Not only will you look at the social media profiles of job candidates and search for them on the Internet, astute job seekers will do the same thing to their potential employers. Your company controls the message coming out of its official social media accounts, but you don’t directly control the message coming from the employees of your company. You can’t monitor their social media accounts and tell them what to say, but education to your employees about the importance of social media can go a long way. Teaching them that spreading great stories about your company will lead to more top talent wanting to join your company. Those types of posts also will help with the professional development of your current employees.

Organized and Engaging Interview

When job candidates arrive at your company for the interview, they want to feel important and not just like another number in the job search. Have their interview schedule be organized and follow it closely. Introduce the job candidates to the appropriate parties and have them be prepared and knowledgeable about the candidate. Anything your company can do to make the job candidate feel welcome will leave a great impression and help your chances in landing them.

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