Don’t Be Shy – Show Your Actual Production on the Resume

Dont be ShyWe have been raised in a culture where bragging is looked down upon. It has even become an issue with accepting praise when you’ve done a good job. You may respond with things like, “thanks, but I really didn’t do anything special.” But when you’re looking for a job, your ability to share your accomplishments is essential. How can you be sure you’re demonstrating your production on your resume? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Numbers tell a story.

The first thing you want to do is collect any relevant data that would help quantify your experience to the reader. Think about things like the money you saved your company, or if you were able to reduce the time it took to complete a project. You want to have as many concrete examples as possible. It is okay if your figures are an estimate, but never exaggerate too much.

Impact on success.

Next, your information needs to directly correlate to your company’s success. These numbers aren’t about you and your experience but about how your experience helped the company succeed. If you are able to show how projects you worked on help the company’s bottom line, that will help to paint you as a team player and not about being “me first.” You want to demonstrate that this kind of work and behavior would be replicated for a new company, and they will want to hire you for their advantage.

Recovery from failure.

It is also essential that you demonstrate how you learned from your past mistakes. Not every part of your job will be an unmitigated success, so it is imperative that you share how you recovered from instances of failure. You don’t have to make this the key part of your resume, but be prepared to share a situation that started out rocky and was recovered to show how you are able to learn from mistakes.

Details of accomplishments.

Lastly, all of this should add up to a showcase of your professional accomplishments. These are the aspects of your experience that directly impacted your development or the success of your company. You want to frame these in a way that will make a prospective employer interested in hiring you rather than your competition. Don’t be shy about sharing what makes you a better candidate.

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