Who’s More Important – Your Team or Your Clients?

We all know the adage that the customer is always right. Most of the time, companies will place a very high value on their clients. Without a good, loyal client base, most companies wouldn’t be in business. But what really is more important to your company, the client or your staff? By making your team… Read more »

Why a Contingent Worker Could be Your Best Option

Have you considered all of your possible options for hiring? If you have any open positions, you may want to think about a contingent, or temporary, employee to fill your upcoming need. Why? There are a lot of reasons that hiring someone on a short-term basis might be the best solution for you and your… Read more »

Gain Trust and Build Leadership by Sharing More

The inner workings of most businesses are full of complicated processes. There are a variety of aspects that go into running a successful organization, including finances and human resources. Your employees want to know what these processes are. They want to be in the loop and better understand how their position affects the company as… Read more »