Why a Contingent Worker Could be Your Best Option

Puzzle PiecesHave you considered all of your possible options for hiring? If you have any open positions, you may want to think about a contingent, or temporary, employee to fill your upcoming need. Why? There are a lot of reasons that hiring someone on a short-term basis might be the best solution for you and your company. Here are just a few basic ideas for you to keep in mind.

Seasonal hiring needs.

Do you only need some additional help for the summer or around the holidays? If so, why undertake the expense of employment for only a month or two. You would also have to deal with the aftermath of having to let these seasonal employees go, even if they knew the project was only temporary. Working with a staffing agency eliminates your risk in these matters as the contingent staff will remain employed by the agency for the duration of the assignment.

Avoid overtime.

By hiring contingent staff, you can avoid costly overtime hours for your current employees. One of the biggest reasons companies have overtime comes from needing more work done than can be completed in the standard 8-hour day. With contingent workers, you can assign the new employees to help out with the backlog. Instead of paying the higher hourly wage, you just have to pay a fee to the agency.

Large scale hiring.

You may also have a need for a large number of workers for only one small project. For example, you may have a large mailing that needs to be sent out but you can’t pull your current staff from their jobs to sort, label and stamp the mailers. If you bring in a number of temporary employees for just a day or two, the project could be done ahead of schedule.

Try before you buy.

Of course, temporary work isn’t the only benefit of working with contingent employees. Staffing agencies offer a temp-to-hire work option so you can interview and select a candidate and then try them out on the job for at least 90 days. This will give both of you the chance to determine if the working relationship is mutually beneficial before you make them a full-time employee.

Have you considered working with a contingent workforce?

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