5 Skills That Bring Your Resume to the Top

Top of StackSending your resume in for a job posting online can be a risky endeavor. Hundreds of other potential candidates may have done the same thing, and a recruiter or hiring manager will need to review and reduce the number of applicants before they make the next move. As a job seeker, your only job is to send a resume so engaging that a hiring manager is compelled to take a second look. How do you do that? By adding these 5 skills to your resume, you can improve your chances of sending your resume to the top of the stack.


When an employer puts out the call for a new employee, they have a problem that needs to be solved. It could be a new task for the company or it could be replacing someone who is leaving. It is important that you bring the skills they need to the table, but also provide some added value. Can you tackle the problem from an angle they hadn’t considered before?


While most experts advise against using buzz words in your resume, like “Team Player,” the concept is still critical. A potential employer wants to know that you will be able to work with the group of employees already established within the company. Don’t just write the phrase, but showcase how you succeeded within team environments in the past.


Effective communications skills are also essential in today’s business climate. Technology is changing the way we communicate with each other, and not always for the better. The best way to demonstrate your ability to communicate is to write an engaging cover letter and make sure it is edited for content, grammar, and punctuation. Review your resume multiple times before submitting it to ensure that it is also flawless.

Problem Solving

While you need to be the answer to the company’s big picture problems, you also need to show how you are a problem solver on the micro level. In your resume, describe an accomplishment based on a problem that needed to be solved and how you solved it. This will show them your critical thinking skills and how you fit in with their environment.

Technology Skills

A modern company will also need an employee who is well versed in technology. This doesn’t mean that you need to have an IT certification, but that you are comfortable using any and all technology depending on the task. Being comfortable with processes and able to pick up new skills on the computer will help you and the company succeed.

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