10 Easy Resolutions for job Seekers

Are you looking ahead to the new year with 2020 vision? There’s no better time than January to make your job search resolutions. If you want to find a new job, changing your approach might be the best solution. Here are ten new habits every job seeker should make in 2020.

Build Your Personal Network

If you want to get started in 2020 with a fresh perspective, it can’t get any easier than building your network. Today’s connected world makes it easy by allowing you to start online through social media. But as you can, take your network offline.

Treat Your Job Search as a Job

Advice that has stood the test of time is to treat your job search like a job. If you’re not currently working, use the hours you would have used to look for your next opportunity. Wake up in the morning and get ready and dedicate your time to looking at jobs, working on your resume, submitting applications, and connecting with others.

Be Deliberate

When you’re applying to jobs, be deliberate about where you send your application. Many job seekers will send their resume everywhere, hoping for a job opportunity, but saturation isn’t always the best approach. Do your research and find the companies you want to work for.

Be Specific

When submitting your applications, be specific, too. Don’t just send the same resume and cover letter to everyone. Let them know why you’re applying to them and what specifically about their company drew your attention and interest.

Manage Your Personal Brand

Today, your online presence is a big part of what employers look at before making a hiring decision. Take this time to manage your personal brand online. Streamline your public accounts to make them all professional. Focus on LinkedIn to complete your profile.

Commit to Learning

This is also an excellent time to dedicate yourself to learning something new. Take a class to update your skills, learn something online. Read as much as you can, including books on personal and professional development.

Track Everything

While you’re looking for a job, make sure you keep track of your applications. Doing so helps you know when to follow up and with whom. It also prevents you from doing additional work down the line as you are applying to more and more places.

Embrace Time Management

Use a time management tool to help you organize your day. Some people rely on a paper planner to have the satisfaction of crossing things off as they complete tasks. Others prefer online time management tools like Google calendar or Trello.

Focus on Personal Health

Just because you’re looking for a job doesn’t mean you should ignore other aspects of your life. It’s essential that you continue to focus on your personal health. That means eating well, exercising, and understanding your emotional and mental health needs.

Be Patient

Throughout everything, be patient about your job search. It may take several applications to find the right opportunity for you. Don’t beat yourself up about it or give yourself artificial or unrealistic goals.

Do you want to improve your job search in 2020?

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