The Benefits Of Taking A Temp Job

Have you thought about applying with a temporary staffing agency but aren’t exactly sure what you will accomplish? You may be looking for a full-time job and the thought of working temporary isn’t on your radar, but it should be. Here are some of the benefits available when you open yourself up to short-term work… Read more »

Turn Your Summer Temporary Position into a Career

Did you know that your summer job could become a bridge to your next full time career move? Working short term summer projects gives you an advantage over other potential candidates when permanent jobs become available within the client company. Your job as the temporary employee is to make a great impression and keep them… Read more »

LinkedIn Updates You Need to Use

If you’re looking for a job there is no better online networking tool available today than LinkedIn. Of course, like with all social networking platforms, the site is frequently changing and it is important to take advantage of the latest updates. Several new features were rolled out in 2013. Here are just a few of… Read more »