8 Questions you should be asking in an interview

Most of us know to expect the typical questions in an interview. We also know we should ask several questions in return. Keep in mind that you are interviewing the company as well. Here are 8 suggestions to ask before, during and after the interview to dig deeper. Who will be conducting the interview? Before… Read more »

New Customer and Employee Updates to CornerStone Netlink

CornerStone Staffing is pleased to announce the latest updates to our web portal, CornerStone Netlink. These updates include new features for both our employees and our clients.  The new portals include an easy to use time keeping system both for time card entry as well as customer approval of employee hours. Check out some of… Read more »

Avoid Mixed Messages in Your Branding

When someone Googles your company and finds your pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, you want your image to be consistent throughout. The best candidates are always on the lookout for companies they would want to represent, so making sure they see dependable information about you is very important. The key to… Read more »

A New Twist on Job Description

A job description is an essential part of the search for a new employee. Without clear direction about what is expected in a position, it is likely that the more of the wrong candidates will apply. Rather than attracting hundreds of unqualified resumes, a good job description will invite only the best potential employees to… Read more »

Senator Robert Glasgow Community Award Goes to CornerStone Colleague

The below speech was given by Alana Hefner, Director of Career Services, at this year’s awards banquet at Tarleton State University. It honors our very own recruiter, Megan, with the Senator Robert Glasgow Community Award for dedicating time and resources to supporting and enhancing student life at Tarleton State University: CornerStone is a regular sponsor… Read more »

This Guy Wrote His Own Rules

Nobody’s ever accused Steve Smith of playing it safe. He’s taken some chances most small employers wouldn’t even consider (and most brokers wouldn’t recommend).  But with the benefit of hindsight we see that he isn’t so much a gambler as an early adopter. And it’s because of Smith’s willingness to take calculated risks that his… Read more »

Job Fairs! How To Make Them Worth Your While

Job fairs have been a time-honored tradition in the job market, but are they really worth your time and effort?  Job fairs can be distracting with the crowds of people and the multiple companies, most of which can’t help you with your specific job search needs. If you do hear of a job fair coming… Read more »

Encouraging Your Employees to be “Hackers”

“Hack Days” are an interesting new trend in technology and engineering companies. This is not hacking in the traditional sense. They don’t encourage employees to create internet viruses or find ways onto top secret government sites. The idea is to encourage employees to embrace the concept of hacking to develop new ideas for the company.… Read more »

Searching For a Job While Still Employed

Conventional wisdom says that it is easier to find a job when you have a job. It’s hard to believe this could be true, but there are many reasons why employers want to hire people who are currently working. You’ve already proven that you have value in the workforce and employers like to feel secure… Read more »