Will LinkedIn’s new “Apply” button help you find better candidates?

At the end of the summer of 2011, with the economy at all time lows and unemployment at all time highs, LinkedIn launched an “Apply Now” button that recruiters can use to invite candidates to apply for open positions. As hiring professionals, we can use all the free tools and support we can get to… Read more »

Acing a Group Interview

Employers are constantly finding ways to make interviews easier and more effective. The cost of making a bad hire is a burdensome one, and innovative new approaches to interviews are proving effective tools in the hiring process. One innovative approach that is gaining in popularity is the group interview. Don’t worry – group interviews don’t… Read more »

5 Things You Should Know About Every Candidate You Interview

Hiring can be boring. And time-consuming. And stressful. By the time you start interviewing candidates, you may have sifted through hundreds of resumes, made dozens of screening calls, and spent countless hours trying to find the “right” new employee. Finding new employees is hard work. And when you start the actual interviews, you might be… Read more »

Land Your Next Job Using These Unconventional Tactics

It can be a tough market for job seekers out there. The economy is up and down, with no clear end in sight. And traditional job search methods can result in your resume ending up in a heap of dozens — or even hundreds. To find your next career opportunity, you have to stand out.… Read more »

Win the Talent War – 5 Tips for Employee Retention

There is a talent war going on in today’s marketplace. As the economy shows some signs of improvement, organizations are seeing the value in keeping their top employees – and recruiting the top employees of their competitors (that means you!). Keep your best talent from poachers by following these five employee retention tips: Hire the… Read more »

From Personnel Management to Business Strategy: The Evolution of Human Resources

From Personnel Management to Business Strategy: The Evolution of Human Resources Going back to the days of the American Industrial Revolution, HR professionals have played an essential role in the success of businesses across the country. Over the past 100 years; however, the role has seen some changes. The role of human resources continues to… Read more »

Spleling Cuonts: 3 Ways to prevent typos and grammar mistakes from costing you job offers.

From a young age, we were taught to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. Yet, as adults, checking our work for typos and basic grammar is far from the highest priority. While it might not be your highest priority, grammar and spelling are essential parts of your job search. Hiring managers may see several… Read more »

3 Tips For Successfully Applying to Out-of-State Jobs

The job market continues to improve, and with that, the competition for jobs remains fierce. You’ve read the advice of experts and have polished your resume, prepared for the interview, and have crafted a superior cover letter. But, now you’ve decided a relocation is in order. Standing out from the pack when applying to jobs… Read more »

Fostering goodwill: How to answer questions from rejected job candidates.

As competition remains fierce for every job opening, you are likely rejecting quite a few candidates as part of your hiring process.  But, when people don’t get the job, they often are looking for answers. Why didn’t I get the job? What could I have done better? Answering questions from rejected candidates fosters goodwill and… Read more »

Can Video Resumes Help You Stand Out from Other Candidates?

Today’s job marketplace offers a wide array of tools and technologies to help you show off your accomplishments and qualifications. One of the most recent tools, and one that is gaining a lot of traction, is the video resume. Are video resumes the next great tool for job seekers? While a video resume might not… Read more »