How Can You Earn a Promotion in Your Call Center Job?

Everyone has ambitions beyond their current job description. You never want to feel stuck in what you’re doing day to day. If you’re working in a call center, you’re probably wondering where you can go from here, but promotions are possible. In order to prove yourself to the call center manager and get to the next level of your CS career, there are some things you can do to put your best foot forward and attract positive attention. What are they? Let’s take a closer look.

Always Be on Time

There is never an excuse for being late to the job. Being reliable isn’t just about being in your seat at exactly the moment your shift starts. It’s about understanding that other people’s time is as valuable as yours and by being late you’re only maintaining that your time is all that matters. Being chronically late will not give you the leg up in your career.

Follow Company Policy

Some people think rules are for breaking, but you have to know and understand the rules in order to bend them from time to time. Especially at the beginning, follow the company policies to the letter. Learn them like you know the back of your hand. Become the person that can be relied on to provide details about procedures.

Continue Learning

Another hallmark of a promotable employee is someone who is willing to continuously learn. Employers want people who are proactive in terms of training. Ask questions when you want clarification on something. Listen in meetings and talk with your manager. Be a sponge for everything about the job and about the company.

Be a Good Co-Worker

You also want to be someone others enjoy working with. If you’re confrontational or explosive in your interactions, people won’t want to be around you. Be likable, but also be aware of when someone is trying to take advantage of you or manipulate the situation. Stand firm in your decisions, but be willing to help others out when necessary.

Communicate Your Goals

Ultimately, if you want a promotion it’s up to you to communicate that to your boss. Let them know what you want in your career and how they can help provide that to you. In turn, demonstrate what you can provide to them and to the company if they are willing to take a chance on you for the long term.

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