Working for a Dallas-Based Staffing Agency Provides Benefits You Don’t Know About

Have you thought about working with a Dallas-based staffing agency to help find your next superstar candidate? If you are considering the benefits, here’s a great place to start to understand the reasons why working with a staffing agency will be your best bet to find top talent anywhere in the greater Dallas area.

Multiple area offices.

You may want to look for a staffing partner who not only understands the city but is a part of the community. Having multiple offices around the entire Dallas area demonstrates that they understand the distance and how different areas of the city work together. They will also be able to help you find local talent near to your place of business.

Placement guarantees.

You want to see that an agency has placement guarantees not only for short-term temporary work but also for temp-to-hire candidates as well. For example, CornerStone Staffing Agencies in Dallas offer a 16-hour guarantee if employers are dissatisfied with temporary or temp to hire employees within that time frame. If a direct hire candidate doesn’t work out within their first 30 days, they will be replaced for free.

Certified professionals.

You may not think much about the credentials of the recruiters working to source candidates for your open position. But with a staffing agency, hiring talented placement professionals within their offices is essential for creating the best possible client and candidate experience. An agency that hires certified professionals or facilitates their professional growth means they will care more about your business.

Years of experience.

How long has the staffing agency been in business? And how often does their internal staff turn over? For a little while, opening a staffing agency seemed to be the “It” business but those without the experience were quickly rooted out. Look for an agency that has been around a long time and see how long their own recruiters have been with the company.

Dedicated account managers.

Another good sign from a staffing agency is the idea of the dedicated account manager. Having an individual who will work directly with your company, learn what makes you tick, and understands the types of professionals who will work best in your environment can be invaluable and save both time and money.

Partner With a Top Staffing Agency in Dallas TX

Do you want to work with a local staffing agency? Contact CornerStone Staffing today to learn more about partnering with a top staffing agency in Dallas TX.


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