Employee Reviews – How Are Glassdoor and Other Sites Affecting Your Hiring and Retention?

In the summer of 2007, a website was started to allow employees to rate their current and former employers. That site, Glassdoor, launched a revolution that provides job seekers a chance to see what it’s like to work somewhere before they even submit a resume. With such an emphasis on employee and corporate fit, it’s no wonder that Glassdoor and other similar sites are affecting hiring and retention in the workplace. Here are some ways employee reviews are influencing candidates and current employees and what you can do to make it a positive experience at your company.

Word of mouth.

There was a time when communities were smaller and businesses mostly dealt with word of mouth. Whether positive or negative, it was how customers and employees talked about the organization to people within the neighborhoods. But the expansion of the global economy and the explosion of digital media changed all that, and today everyone has a front-row seat for the success or failure of nearly every endeavor. Online review sites, like Glassdoor, have become the digital age’s word of mouth, so it’s essential that you don’t ignore what’s being said.

Internal accountability.

First and foremost, it’s critical that you make internal management and team members accountable for their actions. If a person who only worked with your company for three months posts a negative employee review, it probably isn’t out of spite. Work to find the core issues and make an effort to improve internal policies so negative hiring experiences become the exception, not the rule.

Publish brand content.

You don’t have to do this on Glassdoor directly, though that is a possibility. You can also spend some significant time working on the other aspects of your online presence and social media reputation. Many companies are hiring specific employees to handle posting online, creating a positive buzz about the company, and managing comments and concerns. We no longer live in a world where this is a luxury, social media management is required to be competitive in today’s market.

Boost employee morale.

Of course, there is one more important factor when it comes to getting better reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Your company should focus on the way it can boost the morale of current employees. If employee satisfaction is high, they are likely to become positive brand ambassadors online. Word of mouth, even in the digital space, can skew positive and that’s important too. So make sure you’re giving your team something to be excited about.

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