Why Internal Leaders Succeed More than Hiring External Leaders

Do you have a leadership position open in your company? If you’re thinking about interviewing and hiring a new management employee to take a role leading others, you may want to consider other options. Have you thought about promoting from within your team? There are quite a few benefits to this strategy. Let’s take a closer look.

They already know the culture.

The one thing you can’t automatically have in a new hire is an acclimation to the culture. Sure, you can train a new hire in the way the company works, the overall values, and how everyone interacts with one another, but that is also something that has to occur over time. Your internal leader already has that knowledge and can apply it to their new role.

They understand your processes.

They also won’t have to be trained in your general processes in the same way your new employee will need to be taught. Coming into a leadership role with this knowledge will allow them to better serve the employees, including any additional incoming employees. A new leader hired without this experience will spend more time training than leading.

They have the skills you need.

You can also feel confident that your internal leaders will bring the skills they need to the table. You’ve already seen how they handle themselves on the job. You know what they can do if they’ve worked with you for any time at all. You also know that the skills they learned while on the job are compatible with their new role.

You don’t have to break bad habits.

One of the challenges in hiring a new employee, especially someone with leadership experience, is they may do things in a way that is very different from your company’s traditional processes. While a fresh perspective is often welcomed, there is also a risk of them bringing their bad habits to the table.

It’s easier to hire to replace them.

Ultimately, it will also be much easier to replace your internal employee’s original role than it will be to hire someone who can lead within your company framework. Recruiting for more entry-level or even mid-level positions will be much simpler than trying to source someone who brings the specific leadership qualities you’re looking for to your company.

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