Texas Has Featured Nearly 2 Straight Years of Job Growth – What’s Hot in Dallas?

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that goes for the job market, too. Texas has had nearly two straight years of job growth throughout the various metro areas. What does this mean for Dallas job seekers and the companies that want to hire them? As other areas have continued to struggle, the cities through the DFW region are seeing high growth from big and small companies, opening many doors for professionals of all types.

Job growth in the DFW area.

DFW is split into two metropolitan areas when it comes to job statistics. The Dallas area makes up 71 percent of the region’s workforce while the remaining 29 percent is in the Fort Worth area. In May 2018, the Dallas area added over 90,000 jobs over last year. Fort Worth and surrounding cities added over 31,000 jobs since May 2017. This growth is creating a boom in the area that needs qualified workers in all industries.

Professional and business services.

Over 25,000 of these jobs were created in what’s considered the professional and business services area. Roles in these categories include scientific and technical jobs as well as management and administration. Many of the companies moving into the area need managerial and office support, so jobs in these roles are currently available throughout DFW.

Trade and transportation.

The area’s largest employment sector includes skilled labor such, such as electricians, as well as warehouse, manufacturing, and transportation jobs. Since 2017, these jobs added over 22,000 jobs. Transportation, warehousing, and utilities are the largest growing subsectors of this category. Meaning, anyone with trades experience or interest in manufacturing or warehouse roles are in demand.

Hospitality and service industry.

Of course, as with any growing metropolitan area, there are increases in hospitality and service industry jobs. Over 17,000 new jobs were added in these positions over the last year. The fastest growing jobs in the service industry include food service and bar related establishments hiring more people for their organizations.

To read more about the current trends in DFW jobs, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics site here.

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