The Cost of a Bad Hire in Texas

The wrong hiring decision can have detrimental consequences for your business. Taking a risk on a candidate who doesn’t fit in with your company can be dicey. The total cost of a bad hire adds up quickly and goes way beyond their salary. One bad hiring choice will cost your company time and money, and could cause irreparable damage with your client base and other employees. Here is a breakdown of how a poor hiring decision can affect your Texas business:

  • Poor work quality. The wrong hire can affect the overall quality of your business by missing steps or cutting corners. Mistakes may not be caught until it is too late to repair any damage. Look for patterns in the quality that may indicate a bigger problem than just a learning curve.
  • Overall negative attitude. A bad attitude can spread like wildfire and negatively affect everyone else in the office right away. The rest of the team may begin to hold you accountable for the animosity in the office. The employee’s bad attitude can also begin to affect your customers.
  • Attendance issues. Was the candidate late for their interview? This can be a serious red flag for patterns that will develop once they are hired. Tardiness or missed days in just the first few weeks will begin to affect their performance. Employees who have always been on time will be upset that the rules don’t seem to apply to the new hire.
  • Customer dissatisfaction. Poor quality work, a negative attitude, and missed work days can really take a toll on your customers – who don’t get to see what happens behind the scenes. A damaged customer relationship can cause a ripple effect within your company.
  • Missed deadlines. An unmet deadline can be the start of a much bigger problem long term. Projects may be delayed across the board or more reliable employees will be needed to pick up the slack, which may cause them to be angry or resentful of you as a manager for not resolving the problem before it escalated.
  • Lack of teamwork. The biggest impact a bad hiring decision can have is to negatively affect your currently successful team. Otherwise productive employees can start to have attendance issues, attitude problems, and a difficultly performing up to their own high standards.

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