10 Ways Office Culture Can Make You an Employer of Choice in Texas

Your corporate culture is your very identity. It is made up of so many different aspects from your mission statement to the way you treat your employees. If you’re looking for amazing new talent to add to your company you may want to think about your culture and how to sell it to prospective employees. Here are 10 ways your office culture can make you an employer of choice right here in Texas.

  1. Value the opinions of your staff. Unhappy employees often site that they feel like they haven’t really been heard. To avoid this, listen to your staff and implement their ideas to make your office a better place.
  2. Ask questions before offering a solution. All too often managers will attempt to stop a conflict or a problem without fully understanding all of the facts. Ask questions to learn more about the problem.
  3. Create a culture of innovation. Employees like to feel creative and engaged on the job. Create a workspace that encourages innovative thinking and see what kind of great ideas unfold. Your business can benefit from creativity.
  4. Hire for attitude, not aptitude. While you want someone who is competent at their abilities it is far more important that they blend with the team. Hire employees with similar attitudes who will work well together.
  5. Design a map of your future. Employees like to see where their work will lead. Create a map that shows what the future of the company will look like if everyone is able to give 100% of their effort.
  6. Create company rituals. Teambuilding is about more than just personality tests and ice breakers. Create repeatable events that your entire staff can look forward to each year such as a summer get away or a holiday party.
  7. Forget about weaknesses. Stop asking candidates about their biggest weaknesses. Instead, focus on their strengths. Give them an opportunity to improve themselves by doing work they can be proud of.
  8. Nurture young talent. Offer mentorships and training programs to employees who show great potential. You want to cultivate the leadership of tomorrow.
  9. Be a strong leader. Strong leaders inspire employees to do their very best work. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Avoid micromanaging and encourage your team to perform.
  10. Understand personal needs. A number one concern among working adults is not being able to give the time they need to their families. Offer flexible schedules or work from home options and be understanding when emergencies arise.

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