Before You Quit Your Job, Read This

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The urge to quit can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes a job isn’t what we think it will be, or it changes over time to no longer match our career goals. When things don’t go as expected, we’re frustrated by managers or coworkers, or we’re burned out, just walking away can seem like a very appealing solution. But before you make a decision you can’t take back, here are a few productive things to try first.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

Sometimes we want to leave because we feel underappreciated or like we don’t make a difference. Often, our brains lie to us, and we are more valuable than we think. Take a minute to assess your accomplishments on the job. What things are you most proud of? What did you learn on this job? How can you take this to the next level?

Remember Why You Took This Job

Think back to when you initially accepted this position. What was your reason? Did you like the work you would be doing? Did you like the person who interviewed you? Did you enjoy spending the day with your coworkers? Have these factors changed?

Consider How No Job Will Affect You Directly

If you do walk out on your job, what happens next? Do you have savings that can carry you through until you find something? Are you willing to work short-term or part-time while you look for another opportunity? Are you comfortable networking in your community?

Put a Plan in Place

Start by creating a plan. The plan’s first phase is to see what substantial changes you can make to your current situation to be more satisfied. Can you talk with your boss? Can you take on more responsibility? Or, if you do decide that leaving is your best option, start your confidential job search while you’re still employed.

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