5 Time Management Skills for Your Resume

Effectiveness and efficiency are two top skills companies look for in a candidate. But how do you showcase these on your resume without overusing these words? It often boils down to time management skills. Here are the five most crucial time management skills you should showcase on your resume.


Organization is a crucial factor for many businesses. This isn’t entirely about keeping a neat desk, though it is part of it. Companies want to know that things won’t fall through the cracks, that you will know where essential items are kept, and that you can track your time. You can showcase this on your resume by providing examples of the benefits your organizational skills delivered to your previous workplace.


The human brain isn’t designed for multitasking. What happens is that you’re doing more than one job with less concentration, which can mean things get missed. What’s more critical than claiming multitasking on a resume is to know how to prioritize. How do you determine which tasks get your attention first and how to switch gears when something urgent arises?

Setting Goals

Goal setting is also critical for many employers. They want to know that you have and can create goals moving forward and how you can establish the tasks required to reach your goal. Consider using the SMART goal-setting process:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound


In many roles, you’ll need to delegate tasks to others. This is true for management roles, but it’s also the case for other positions. Employers don’t want to see the attitude that “the only way to get something done right is to do it myself.” Effective delegators can spot the right person for every job and give them the confidence and tools to complete the task.


Finally, communication may be the most critical soft skill of all. None of the other skills will be effective if you cannot communicate. Communication is face-to-face, over the phone, texting, email, and through different types of writing. All of this is critical to achieving career success. You should be able to demonstrate your communication skills in your cover letter and resume.

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