Career Mottos: Important Lessons to Live By

What is the secret to success? Well, that can be different for everyone. But some common ideas persist among successful people. If you want a boost to your career now and in the future, it’s helpful to look at a few important lessons you can live by. Here are several mottos to follow now and… Read more »

5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

You have about 5 seconds to impress a recruiter or hiring manager with your resume. They can see well over a thousand resumes a day so it is important to grab their attention in the right way. Simple mistakes and a variety of red flags can cause an immediate rejection. Take your time to craft… Read more »

Interivew Follow-Up Email Template | Jobs in Arlington TX

Do you know the right things to do after you have an interview with a new company? It pays to think about details such as a thank you note which serves as a way to reiterate your interest and keep your name at the top of their minds. Even though it is perfectly appropriate to… Read more »

LinkedIn Updates You Need to Use

If you’re looking for a job there is no better online networking tool available today than LinkedIn. Of course, like with all social networking platforms, the site is frequently changing and it is important to take advantage of the latest updates. Several new features were rolled out in 2013. Here are just a few of… Read more »

4 Secrets to an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are, much like resumes, viewed very differently by each hiring manager or recruiter that you will speak with. Some individuals like to read them to get a better picture of you as a candidate. Others only ask for them to know that you can follow directions. In any case, not having a cover… Read more »

Improve Your Online Brand: Job Search Advice

According to an article in Forbes in February of this year, a survey by Bullhorn showed that over 98% of recruiters use social media in 2012 to find candidates for their open positions. The evidence is compelling to create online profiles and keep them active. It is just as important to develop a consistent message… Read more »